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Posted on: September 10, 2014

Judy Jade's playful little smile

Here we have Judy Jade with pigtails again as she teasing everyone with her seductive smile and sexy stockings with cute heart shapes on them... and of course we can't forget her perky young breasts with small pink nipples that need some tongue love! If this teen ever does a lesbian scene I will definitely be in the front of the line to watch her having those nips sucked and her tits fondled by another hot model. I don't really know if she would ever do it but I can always dream can't I?!?

And if you thought she looks happy right there then just think how she would be grinning from ear to ear if there was a lesbian babe between her legs eating her out! I know there I go dreaming again, but maybe some day... until then it's all in my head. I know she is at least a little bit of a lesbian by reading a few of the stories on her site but I still don't know if she'd do it on camera! Check her out at for all of her picture galleries and more updates.

Posted on: September 10, 2014

Hot Brunette shows off her big natural tits

This is one coy chick with a come fuck me look. You get an inkling of her hot body when she is wearing the hot lingerie. But you see just how bonerific her body is when the top comes off and you see her amazing real boobies. She has a shaved hot box and a firm buttocks that goes right along with the awesome tatas. She shows her tatas and cunt off in several poses and you get a nice view of her bum as well.

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Posted on: September 09, 2014

Sexy legs and stunning face

It takes something extra special for a babe to be able to get me going no matter what she is wearing, or not wearing, and this hottie right here definitely has it in my opinion! I have yet to find one thing I would change about this perfect model, and that's the reason I keep on posting preview pictures of her on my site for the world to see. In the photo above you can see exactly how petite Judy Jade is and then get down to seeing those sexy legs that look so damn good in a tiny skirt... but that's a different story, this time she is in a naughty white outfit that could seduce any man alive! I guess it's still all about the babe inside the clothes though, and what a smooth body that is to fill in the outfit. By the way if you want to see her in full size high quality photos then go to and get ready to surf through the archives cause you'll need a while... and after that you can look forward to two or three new picture galleries per week.

Posted on: September 08, 2014

Seductive pigtails babe Judy Jade

I don't remember seeing Judy Jade with her hair in pigtails before now but I'm really liking it... it makes her seem a little hotter than usual if that is even possible. And those long black gloves match so well with her thin g string that I guess this outfit is done right now, no more clothes required! I can only imagine all the stares that would follow her tight young ass cruising down the sidewalk if she was out almost naked like this.

That would be just like some kind of wet dream for me because even if I've seen all of Judy Jade's beautiful naked body in pictures, seeing her in the flesh or even in action would be on a whole different level of hotness! So until this horny hottie seduces me in to her dirty world again to post more pictures you'll just have to make do with what's on my blog already or visit her at Judy Jade to see all of her up close and personal.

Posted on: September 08, 2014

Red head shows off her tits

Piper is one coy redhead with a nice pair of big titties. She likes to show those babies off and she lets her tits swing back and forth and she bends over. These titties are natural and she has a nice pussy to go along with them. She has a tuft of hair just covering her snatch and you can see her clit just peaking out between her lips. This sweetheart has it all, she is pretty, nicely built and awesome boobies and cunt.

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Posted on: September 07, 2014

Judy Jade in a naughty nurse uniform

Well just shoot me in the arm right now and call an ambulance because I have to get a piece of this perfect young body right about now... Judy Jade is looking naughty and nice as usual in this pic of her wearing what remains of her sexy nurse uniform. I would take almost any amount of pain to get placed under the supervision of this young nurse, and I'd find a way so that sponge baths were happening too! I've seen this little cutie in a lot of different photo shoots but I have to say this sexy nurse uniform is really doing it for me.

There is something unique about the pure white gloves and thong combined with her horny smile that is too much to explain, I guess it's in the eyes after all... JJ has really sweet eyes that I could stare in to all night. If you want to see her strip out of the rest of her kinky nurse uniform then go to and see what it's like to have her pulling down her underwear right in front of your eyes!

Posted on: September 03, 2014


Every carwash should be topless but no place could a lovely teen like Terka be found except at Glossy Angels. This perfect teen model is ready for some soapy fun with her big tits and her already wet beaver. For that matter so was the camera crew. That car was cleaned way too soon for anyone's taste and this beauty did a very thorough job.

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Posted on: September 03, 2014


Davon Kim is back again and this hot glamour teen is strutting her stuff in a more traditional fashion. Not that bondage is not traditional for Asian babes but this beauty doesn't seem as if she fits in cuffs and ropes. Instead, she seems perfect as she is. Davon has a lot of the vamp to her and she plays with the camera the way we can imagine she plays with her men, that is long and slow.

Click here for more of Davon Kim from Glossy Angels

Posted on: September 03, 2014

I think I have probably shown a photo or two of Judy Jade in this outfit before on my site but it is just so damn sweet to waste... I have to let people get another peek at it from a different angle. This teen is always worth another look if you ask me. When she is giving a flirty smile and looking sexy in that french maid outfit I can't help but stare at her for longer than I probably should! That teasing and seductive smile always gets me going as well.

Sexy girl in french maid outfit

You won't believe how fucking good this babe is at flirting in her sexy little outfits until you have seen her private site at so go on and do that before you forget. That's where you will see all of her naked body up close and in high quality like you've probably never seen before! You can use the pics there for desktop wallpapers too so you can always start your day looking at Judy Jade... now that would put a smile on anyone's face.

Posted on: September 02, 2014


What a perfect place to photograph sexy teen babe Arakida, silhouetted against the sky with every curve on her young body cleanly outlined. She's a mischevious beauty too with a sense of fun as well as a body hot enough to cook on. That fair skin and long dark hair give her an ethereal look until you notice she's no innocent angel that is.

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Posted on: September 02, 2014

Blonde showing off her body in a field

Now this is a farmers fantasy when you have one hot sweetheart posing naked with farm equipment. Mandy is cute with small boobies, shaved pussy and doesn't mind showing either off. She first shows off by straddling a hitch with just her tits hanging out and wearing a g string. Its not long before all the clothes are off and she is spreading her legs and showing off her muff. She grabs her jugs, caressing her rump and rubs her coochie.

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Posted on: September 01, 2014


Lean and busty babe Jaqueline looks as if sh were about to burst into motion. This high energy teen is a challenge to shoot and well worth it as you can almost feel the heat coming off her. She's a beauty and those gorgeous tits make you want to reach out and touch even through the screen.

See more of this long haired teenie from Glossy Angels here

Posted on: August 31, 2014


The front lawn is not the place you would expect to see a model perfect teen like Mia, but this sexy babe likes a little spice and a lot of adventure when she strips down. No one will deny a beauty this perfect anything she wants if it gets her clothes off her. Besides the neighbors probably like looking over the garden fence at that silky smooth skin and that pretty pink beaver.

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Posted on: August 31, 2014

Naughty bikini babe Judy Jade

This is what I like to say is the face down butt up position, and doesn't Judy Jade do a damn good job of it too? Fuck yes, In my opinion anyway, and until I stop updating this blog I will continue to post pictures like this so hang around if you're in to this kind of stuff like me. And if you're not in to hot teen babes then what are you even doing here?!? Heheh... OK so we've got that straightened out, everyone likes looking at some sweet teen ass every once in a while, and even if it is covered with a bikini in this picture it still looks good to me! Of course you can see all of her hot naked ass inside her private site, and that's not to mention her perky teen breasts and sweet pink pussy either! Can you tell I'm an ass man? It's true, but for sure I would still lick this babe all over if she wanted to get a little naughty... I'm only human. If you haven't been there yet then go to to watch her completely naked and in some hot striptease photoshoots.

Posted on: August 30, 2014


This sexy blonde teen could easily be mistaken for a shy wood nymph, she is so at home in the forest. Her perfect body and doe eyes seem poised as if ready to take flight. However in this photo shoot she is also shown at rest with tose lean thighs spread wide and that pale pink pussy beckoning.

Click here to see more of this sexy Angel

Posted on: August 29, 2014

Brunette rubs a cold Popsicle and honey on her pussy

Victoria is a gorgeous sweetheart and has an awesome body. She has small boobies and a pussy with big juicy lips. Victoria is a girl after my heart since she likes the feel of cold against her pussy. She is has a Popsicle that she sucks on and then moves it down to her muff where she rubs it up and down. She goes from cold to sticky when she rubs honey over her twat next.

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Posted on: August 28, 2014

For today's post I have found this damn good example of just how much of a flirt Judy Jade can be when she wants to, and she can be anything she likes if you ask me, any time any place! As you should already know if you have been reading my blog in the past, I always like to give something different than the normal stuff... and I think this picture qualifies for that. It's got that dark and seductive feel to it and this hot young ass deserves to be viewed like artwork!

Judy Jade showing her butt

I can just dream of it right now... me and Judy Jade together in a dark room while she slowly strips out of her clothes and teases me until I can't take it any more! And of course in my imagination she finishes in the same pose as this picture, doggie style and waiting for me to give her something. Well I can dream, can't I? I've had a lot of dreams about this hottie already. So if you're like me and you want to see all of her then go to for her full photoshoots.

Posted on: August 27, 2014


This Asian beauty is a traffic stopper and that is when she is not all gered up in fetish attire. Naked or kinky this gorgeous teenager would lead even the most puritanical guy astray. She's not showing her shy side in this porn update from Glossy Angels. Instead it's a full on view of that almost perfect body and plenty of kinky gear to go with it.

Click here and explore this mysterious Asian glamour teen from Glossy Angels

Posted on: August 26, 2014


This gorgeous teenager is lucky to have her own private beach. It's not that nude bathing is not allowed in most parts of Europe, it's that one look at her naked and it would be likely to start riots! However she does have a camera and we get to watch it all. This babe looks tasty enough to spend a week in the bedroom with.

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Posted on: August 26, 2014

Babe shows off her puffy nipples and tasty pussy

Lena has a gorgeous face and an awesome body as well as a pair of tatas with puffy nipples. This cunt from behind. She spreads those legs so you can get a good look at those big lips and tastey looking clit. She is such a tease that when she is bent over, you just want to shove a beef stick in her tight hole. She is hot as hell!

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Posted on: August 22, 2014


Terka is the name of this gorgeous glamour teen with the perfectly shaped C cup tits. This perfect beauty is one of the few girls that actually looks better out of her clothes. It is a shame to cover up such a body anyway. She's got big hazel eyes that seem to beckon you.

She's a great combo in my opinion of teenage innocence and an inborn sensuality. It's seems like the crop of beauties gets better every year if hot little Terka is anything to judge by.

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Posted on: August 22, 2014

Natural perky teen posing

Well I showed another picture from this set a couple of days ago right here on my site... you know the one showing Judy Jade in that sexy pink corset? Yeah that one. So anyway for today's post I have found a picture from later on in that same series, although now you get to see her natural young boobs out on display looking as great as ever! Don't get me wrong though I still like checking out her cute little butt whenever I can but I thought it was about time to show off her teen titties, as if I needed any excuse to do that anyway! If you look back at some of the older pictures I haved posted at my blog before this one then you should know that I am a believer in equal opportunity... yeah you heard me, I believe that tits and ass are both equal and should both be worshipped! Well maybe I went a bit too far, but damn this girl is hot. Her personal site is Judy Jade and that is where you can find her complete archive.

Posted on: August 19, 2014

I am always trying to mix things up and show new content here so because my last blog had Judy Jade's dark side I decided I had to show a perfect example of her sweeter more playful side! It is always good to get a reminder of the cute ass on this beautiful young pornstar and I haven't been hearing any complaints about it so far... it's not like I expected any. If her underwear got any smaller we could be getting a look at some real action right about now!

Judy Jade in a red thong Tight little ass

I like that first photo up there that gives just a hint at her tight little butt before we get to see the main course in the next... well you can't say I don't do my best to find the hottest pics to post on my site. If you haven't checked out her erotic site yet then you're missing out on all of her updates... her website isn't like a lot of the trash around the net with models that don't add new stuff. So have a look at to see her full nude picture galleries.

Posted on: August 19, 2014

Two babes sexy and wet

beauties and water always seem to go well together. We have Ennie and Verunka that are dressed in gold bathing suits but those don't stay on long as these cuties rubs each others titties. When you have two hot hotties rubbing their jugs up and down on each other, it is steamy as well. They have some awesome bodies with nice hard nipples, firm buttocks and shaved cunts. These sweeties were hot when they were dry, but they are even hotter when they are wet and all over each others bodies.

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Posted on: August 18, 2014

Hot redhead is covered in hearts

Ariel is a stunning redhead with small perky tatas and a line of hair that points directly to her pussy. In this particular scene, she is covered in hearts all over her body but her jugs are clear so you get a good view of them. She then plays a bit on the coy side and covers her tits and nipples up with huge hearts. All he hearts end up on the ground and so does our hotty as she poses in all her nakedness. She really does have a great set of tatas!

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Posted on: August 17, 2014


The perfect nude babe can cover a huge range of girls, one for every man. However this beauty today is one hot teenager and close enough to perfect for me. those long legs and those big tits just go together and wait until this babe strips and spreads and shows that little twat withthe neatly trimmed fur above it. She manages to combine class and brass in a way that will leave you wanting more.

Click here to see more of this beautiful nude young girl

Posted on: August 17, 2014

Judy Jade the hottest cocktease

The latest photo from the always amazing Judy Jade proves once more that she truly is the sweetest young tease on the web and she doesn't even have to be nude to look so damn good! But don't worry, she still does naked photo shoots that leave nothing at all to the imagination if that is more your style. Personally I love her flirty looks and call me weird if you want to but I really like the different tiny outfits this girl wears... there's always something new with her.

There is something I can't explain about why this flirty babe makes me so horny but honestly I don't give it that much thought... I'm too busy fantasizing about how cute her petite teen body looks underneath that pink corset. I've seen her completely naked before while browsing around her website but I still love getting teased by her! She must know what she is doing to people by wearing tiny outfits like that and she loves every minute of it. You can see all of her inside Judy Jade and she doesn't cover anything up so take a look.

Posted on: August 17, 2014


This nasty young hottie loves to give blowjobs. In fact she loves it so much she got her little tongue pierced just to give the guy an extra thrill. Oh and that nimble little tongue sure does that and tons more. She's got him squirming at the tip of her finger, well make that her tongue and mouth! Look at him blow that huge load all over her pretty face.

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Posted on: August 16, 2014

Stunning babe in a corset

When I saw this pic while out hunting around for new things to post on my site I knew straight away that I just had to show this to my visitors! Honestly I have never seen Judy Jade looking so sexy and seductive, with an almost evil look on her face too... it looks as if she either wants to hurt me or get on top and start riding me hard. I know I've said before that I would probably let this horny teen girl do whatever she wants to me... but I might just have to rethink that after I saw her dark side here! The pink and black lingerie helps to make her look a little sweeter but I still think this photo is one of the most unique out of the ones I have uploaded before on my blog. Normally I am just out to see some tits and ass but with this young babe it is different! And you probably know by now that she likes to flirt and has no shortage of sexy outfits to do it in. Anyone who is in to lingerie should definitely get a closer look at this hottie. Her personal site is at Judy Jade so don't just wait around for me to post samples, go there yourself!

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