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Posted on: April 22, 2014

Smack dat ass

When I die I want to go to heaven. After looking at a couple of these perfect babes you will want to go there too. These lovely teens are heaven sent with the perfect bodies. They have nice set of fun bags, firm behind and they have no problems showing everything off to you. You will get an up close and personal view of their clean shaven snatch. These sensual teens have it going on!

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Posted on: April 21, 2014

JJ in sexy red lingerie JJ in sexy red lingerie

For today's update on my blog I have found a double show for everyone watching... yes that's right, this time I am showing two of Judy Jade's best features in one post! Just in case you haven't worked it out by now, it is her boobs and butt that I am talking about right here. In that first image it seems like she is in the best pose for some up against the wall fucking, but of course her underwear would have to go pretty damn quick! I can just imagine pulling down her underwear and spreading her cheeks open...

I got so caught up on her tight butt that I nearly forgot to mention how damn sweet her young tits look, they look just fine to use as handles to grab on huh?!? But anyway I guess I should stop myself right now before I get too worked up about this hottie... I just can't help it though sometimes! So if you want to get access to her full photo shoots then go to cause that's where you can see it all.

Posted on: April 21, 2014

Teen babes oiled up and wrestling

Two topless sweethearts oiled up and wrestling, now that is hot! These girls are oiled up from head to foot but does not stop them from grabbing boobies. Its steamy when these teens go tit to boobie and then kiss. The bikini bottoms come off as the girls show off their shaved hot box's. Then each spread their coochie lips and give it a few rubs.

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Posted on: April 18, 2014

Teen fucks pussy with fingers and toy

Gloria has a pair of small tatas, a light hairly pussy and very large lips gracing her muff. She spreads her legs and you get a close up view of those huge gash lips before she dips a couple of her fingers deep in her hole. She thrusts her fingers in and out of her snatch and they get coated with her juices. She then breaks out a cunt bomber and she pounds it into her twat repeatedly. She rails her cunt with the twat torpedo in several more positions.

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Posted on: April 15, 2014

This new photo I have found to put on my site has to be one of my favorites now... she is looking so sexy and seductive in that pose and there's no surprise her perky young breasts are looking as good as ever! Really this is the type of hottie who could probably turn a gay man straight again with her horny smiles and playful attitude, but that's just my opinion I guess. I don't think there is anything that someone could tell me to turn me off Judy Jade because she is just so damn sexy!

Judy Jade in a sexy pose

OK so here is how it works, on my public blog right here I can just show some of the more tame photos to give you a preview of this girl so for now you will have to visit Judy Jade to see every inch of her naked body... and let me tell you it is definitely worth checking out! She goes all the way stripping out of her bra and panties although she continues to keep it soft and erotic so this is a must see for lovers of softcore babes.

Posted on: April 14, 2014

Best friends go from fishing to licking pussy

Cameron and Gisselle are sweethearts that are the best of friends and they are out doing a bit of fishing. They are having a bit of sport as they attach a pink slick sticker to the fishing rod to use as bait. However, they have better things in mind for that paricular cunt bomber as they both bare their tits and pussy. Gisselle is the first to go south to lick some hot box and uses the twat torpedo to thrust into Cameron's muff. But Cameron gets her turn at licking pussy and she goes to town.

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Posted on: April 10, 2014

Judy Jade's perky teen tits

I guess some people will think that I'm wrong, but that doesn't matter... I still say Judy Jade has the sweetest set of perky teen funbags that I have ever seen and if you visit here often you will be seeing plenty more of them in the months ahead! There is just no chance of getting tired of her boobs but just in case that's going to be a problem I have made sure to find plenty of photos of her in various sexy outfits and poses. You know the ones I mean here if you've ever watched her pressing her tits together so softly.

You may not think so from the picture above but let me tell you, this little cutie has some damn fine cleavage happening when she wears a small shirt and acts like the cock tease she really is. JJ is like that all the time too... I have never seen any other hotties who are just always looking kinky and fun at the same time! And you know where to go if you want more of her, right? It's all at and that includes her full archive of pictures plus future galleries every week.

Posted on: April 10, 2014

Teen masturbates in public with a toy

Lucy enjoys playing with her muff in public, the thought of getting caught turns her on. Today she is in a small grassy area near a public foot bridge exposing her jugs and gash. She starts of spreading her snatch and rubbing her labia. Then she breaks out the twat torpedo and replaces and uses it on her cunt. She bangs her muff in several positions as she thrusts the dong in and out.

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Posted on: April 09, 2014


We have a perfect teen angel today in a perfect setting. This sexy babe looks good in little or nothing - I vote for the nothing myself. She is finely drawn and you can see her taut muscles ripple as she moves. The perfect vision of fit and sexy teen. Of course Glossy Angels always finds the sexiest little teens with a real glamour flair. These hopefuls look as good outdoors as they would on any fashion magazine.

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Posted on: April 09, 2014

Hot duo masturbating in the pool

Jeny and Baby are out in the pool having a little fun and their clothes are so sheer you can see their tatas through it. They are both grabbing buttocks and sqeezing juggs and thats before the clothes even come off. They have a bit of fun with the have a mock duel with toys. They use the cunt bombers on each other to thrust away at each others hot box. But then they use the dongs on themselves in the shallow end and tongue wrestle while they are doing it.

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Posted on: April 08, 2014


This gorgeous teen looks right at home like a wood nymph. Of course the things we are thinking about looking at this gorgeous teen naked would make even a nymph blush. This lovely girl even trims her furry bush into a neatly trimmed line and it certainly looks right on her.

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Posted on: April 08, 2014

Teen masturbates her pussy and ass with a vibe

Marry is a pretty blonde chick with huge melons. She rubs her fingers up and down her cunt through her panties. When she pulls the panties aside, her snatch is dripping wet. She fingers her snatch and clitoris and then breaks out a toy which she uses to thrust in and out of her bum. This cutie nails her rump with that dong in several positions.

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Posted on: April 07, 2014


This sexy cutie is a vision framed against the window with her body glowing with the light. Her long legs and petite tits are perfect and her bare pussy like icing on the cake. This is a girl guys dream about perfect in form and looking still for her perfect lover.

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Posted on: April 06, 2014

[[Hot|Sexy]] [[bikini|model|young|ass]] babe Judy Jade

It is a [[good|great]] day in porno [[land|world]] today, and I'm [[proud|happy]] to have Judy Jade's [[hot|sexy|tight]] ass in a bikini on [[display|show]] right here on my [[blog|site]]... and it [[proves my point|shows I'm right]] [[yet again|once more]] that this [[girl|babe|hottie|teen]] doesn't even [[need|have]] to get [[naked|nude]] to be [[fuckin' stunning|so damn fine]]! [[All|The only thing]] she [[needs|has]] to do is [[roll|turn]] over to [[expose|flash]] that [[cute|sweet]] [[young|little]] butt and she has got my [[complete|full]] attention, [[yeah|yes|yep]] I know I'm [[obsessed with|crazy about]] her but what [[kind|type]] of ass [[man|lover]] would I be if I [[said no to|turned down]] one as [[juicy|sweet]] as [[hers|this]]?!? And if it looks that [[good|hot]] even when [[it's covered up a little|she's wearing a bikini]] then just [[imagine|think about]] seeing her [[naked|nude]] and up close!

Well I [[know|think]] if [[I ever|for some reason I]] start designing [[bikinis|swimwear]] my first [[choice|pick]] for a model would be this little [[hottie|cutie]] right here, because [[I've got a feeling|something tells me]] that any [[girl|woman]] would pay [[a lot|loads]] to look this [[good|sexy]]! [[But|So]] until that [[time|day]] comes we can all just [[sit back|wait]] and admire her [[beautiful|amazing]] young body from a distance... and in case you [[didn't know|hadn't heard about it]] [[yet|by now]] you can see all of her at Judy Jade [[including|which features]] regular updates and a [[huge|large]] archive of [[pics|photo shoots|picture galleries]].

Posted on: April 06, 2014

Judy showing her perky boobs

After going back over some of the previous pictures I have shown here on my site I noticed that I haven't been showing enough shots of Judy Jade's perky tits... so now I have dedicated today's post to exactly that! If these small but sweet titties don't deserve their own post then I don't know what does. Those titties just hanging there with the nipples pointing straight up seem as if they're just waiting to get licked and sucked on!

This position she is in does something special for me too... I can't say for sure why but she just looks so sweet and sexy at the same time and also managing to look like a top model throughout the whole thing. There is no doubt at all in my opinion that JJ is one of the more classy babes going nude at the moment. To see all of her previous photo shoots and regular updates go to and see all of her nude body in high quality perfection!

Posted on: April 06, 2014


I kid you not this sweet cutie plans on stuffing the entire huge dildo up her twat. This wild cutie has a thirst for excess. No, just a dildo won't do it either that is only the appetizer then comes the main course a huge dick and cum filled balls. She's all aobut the oral and today she is getting plenty!

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Posted on: April 06, 2014

Cute teens uses a rubber dong on herself

This sweetheart is all smiles and dressed pretty in pink. Everything is easy access from her boobies where she just pulls her top down and her pussy which she initially shows off by moving her panties aside. She rubs her pussy to get her juices flowing. Then breaks out a rubber dildo that she uses to shove deep into her coochie. She rails her pussy with this cunt bomber in several positions and maintains that sweet smile throughout.

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Posted on: April 05, 2014


This gorgeous redhead is simply perfect from those pert upturned tits capped by gorgeous pink nipples to those long lovely slender legs. That flat belly just begs to be touched and leads down to a smooth shaven plump pink pussy. Such a delightful teen babe with perfect lines and a naturally naughty mind should be naked all the time.

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Posted on: April 05, 2014

Judy Jade in a [[sexy|hot|naughty|kinky]] nurse [[outfit|uniform]]

Well just [[shoot|stab]] me in the [[foot|arm]] right now and call an ambulance because I [[want|need|have]] to get a piece of this [[perfect|beautiful]] [[teen|young]] body right about now... Judy Jade is looking [[sweet and sexy|naughty and nice]] as [[always|usual]] in this [[pic|picture|photo]] of her wearing what [[is left|remains]] of her [[sexy|hot|naughty|kinky]] nurse [[outfit|uniform]]. I [[would|could]] take [[just about|almost]] any [[amount|kind]] of pain to get [[put|placed]] under the [[care|supervision]] of this [[horny|young]] nurse, and I'd [[make sure plenty of|find a way so that]] sponge baths were [[involved|happening]] too! I've seen this little [[hottie|cutie]] in [[a lot|plenty]] of different [[photo shoots|picture galleries|pic sets]] but I have to say this [[sexy|hot|naughty|kinky]] nurse [[outfit|uniform]] is really doing it for me.

There is something [[special|unique]] about the pure white gloves and [[thong|underwear]] [[combined|matched]] with her [[horny|knowing|little]] smile that is too [[much|hard]] to explain, [[maybe|I guess]] it's in the eyes after all... [[Judy Jade|JJ]] has [[sexy|really sweet]] eyes that I could [[stare|look]] in to all [[night|day]]. If you want to [[see|watch]] her [[strip|undressing]] out of the rest of her [[naughty|sexy|hot|kinky]] nurse [[uniform|outfit]] then go to and [[see|witness]] what it's like to have her [[pulling|pushing]] down her [[underwear|panties]] right in front of your eyes!

Posted on: April 05, 2014


Yummy cum is what this filthy teenie has all over her face and in her mouth. Quite a load the ole boy is dropping on her today. Not that she minds a bit in fact two dicks would not be unwelcome to this cumthirsty cutie slut.

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Posted on: April 05, 2014

Teen lesbians play dress-up

These two erotic honeys enjoy playing dressup. Today they are playing Dr. and patient and they both get to examine each others juggs and snatch. Both have awesome bodies; small titties and shaved cunts. Both girls take turns licking cunt. And out of the Drs bag comes a slick sticker that they each take turns shoving in the others muff.

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Posted on: April 04, 2014

Judy Jade's [[pointy|perfect|sexy]] [[pink|little]] nipples

Today I have got [[some|a piece of]] exclusive news that you'll only [[hear|find]] on my [[blog|site]]... it is official that Judy Jade's [[sexy|little|sweet]] pink nipples are the [[best|hottest]] out of all the other [[teen|young]] [[models|pornstars]] online. It's true, and if you [[disagree|don't think so]] then you're [[in the wrong place|at the wrong site]]! I just can't [[get enough of|stop checking out]] her [[small|petite]] natural [[boobs|tits|breasts]] and [[imagining|dreaming about]] what they would look like [[pressed|pushed]] together with something [[sliding|slipping]] in between... I think you [[can guess|already know]] what. And those [[little|tiny|pink]] nips look [[like|as if]] they were made for [[licking|sucking]]!

I have never [[met|known]] a [[woman|girl]] who didn't [[love|like]] [[getting|having]] her nipples [[licked|sucked]] during sex, and I know Judy Jade is no different from [[the stories|what]] she has [[written|shown]] on her [[site|website]]... you should [[hear|read]] some of the [[sexy|naughty]] fun this [[chick|babe]] gets up to when she [[feels|is getting]] horny! That's what I [[like|love]] about JJ, she [[looks|seems]] like she would be a little bit [[kinky|dirty|naughty]] in the bedroom and [[ready to try|up for almost]] anything. You can [[see|find|view]] all of her [[nude|naked]] [[pics|pictures|photos]] and keep up [[to date|with the news]] on her [[horny|sexy]] adventures at Judy Jade the official [[site|website]].

Posted on: April 04, 2014


Everything about Mina is tiny except those huge eyes. This petite teen is a real beauty indeed and just one of the many gorgeous babes at Glossy Angels. However something about that petite body and those huge eyes is simply irresistable. This particular cutie angel has no trouble drawing the guys to her for sure.

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Posted on: April 03, 2014


Lovers of clean lines on their babes are going to be fascinated by this lean blonde babe. She has it all, a pretty face, a dazzling smile and a perfect body built for speed and endurance. Makes you want to check out the endurance part personally, huh? It sure did the camera crew and despite that innocent face this blonde vixen knows what a stir she causes.

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Posted on: April 03, 2014

[[Sexy|Horny|Seductive]] pigtails [[babe|teen]] Judy Jade

I [[can't|don't]] [[recall|remember]] seeing Judy Jade with her hair in pigtails before [[now|today]] but I'm [[definitely|really]] liking it... it makes her [[look|seem]] a little [[sweeter|hotter]] than [[usual|normal]] if that is even possible. And those [[sexy|long]] black gloves match so [[perfectly|well]] with her [[tiny|thin]] g string that I [[think|guess]] this outfit is [[done|finished]] right now, no more clothes [[needed|required]]! I can [[only|just]] imagine all the [[stares|heads|eyes]] that would follow her tight [[young|teen]] [[butt|ass|rear]] [[walking|cruising]] down the [[street|sidewalk]] if she [[went|was]] out [[half|almost]] [[naked|nude]] like this.

That would be just like some kind of [[wet|ultimate|perfect]] dream for me because even [[though|if]] [[I've|I have]] seen all of Judy Jade's [[beautiful|luscious]] [[nude|naked]] body in [[pictures|pics|photos]], seeing her in the [[flesh or even in action|real world flashing her tits]] would be on a whole [[different|new]] level of hotness! [[So|But]] until this [[horny hottie|lovely lady]] [[lures|seduces]] me in to her [[naughty|dirty]] world again to post more [[pictures|pics|photos]] you'll just have to [[make do with|browse around]] what's on my [[blog|site]] already or visit her at Judy Jade to see all of her up close and [[personal|uncensored]].

Posted on: April 03, 2014


Every time I show you another glossy angel they just get prettier and classier and totally someone you would love to wake up to any morning. Today's classy beauty is something an artist would have drawn in his wildest imaginings a study in classic lines and beautiful tits. Even the most jaded tastes can be stirred by these artistic nudes and this one is particularly breathtaking!

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Posted on: April 03, 2014

Babe shoves a toy in her pussy and ass

This cute petite sweetheart hasn't done anything to her pussy yet and its already dripping wet. She gets on her hands and knees and rubs her gash, then sits down on the floor where she gets more snatch rubbing action. She breaks out a purple dildo that she uses to ram into her hot box with two hands. She gets that dildo coated with her pussy juices before she shoves it into her rump. She pounds her arse in several positions and there is no playing around as she goes to town on it.

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with toys

Posted on: April 02, 2014


This blonde beauty at the beach began this photo shoot wearing a sexy string bikini, she ended it with sandy bottom and a smile on her pretty face. Even on a nude beach this sexy teenager babe grabs attention with her perfect body and big firm tits. Coming or going this is a sight to behold.

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Posted on: April 02, 2014


Gorgeous cutie Dasha is all about beauty. I mean this girl was born beautiful. Some girls need big breasts to be noteworthy but this petite cutie is beautiful from top to bottom. In particular her pretty twat with her pretty pink bits sticking out. Such a pretty girl and only one of the many startlingly beautiful girls at Glossy Angels.

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