Young British secretary with a short skirt and black hold up stockings masturbates at work


I picture you sitting at your desk in your tight black skirt, as you uncross your legs I see a flash of your tiny white panties (are they wet already? I’m sure they soon will be). As you site there reading your emails expectantly, you stroke your thigh and as you move across the top of your stocking you imagine someone slowly peeling them off to reveal you gorgeous smooth, firm thighs!! All the time your looking across at the stud in the office, wondering if it’s him writing this message to you! Who knows it may just be!!!

As I sit here typing this, I imagine how your breathing will be getting heavier, swelling your chest and firming your nipples, causing them to press against your tight white shirt, is that a peak of your firm nipples poking alluring? As you walk to the bathroom you feel a little quiver of excitement and your labia start to swell with anticipation of how your fingers will soon be gliding across them, your clitoris stands hard and tall as your fingers tease, around to begin with, not penetration just yet!! Your pussy is starting to open up and slowly drips with your wonderful peachy juices begging you to press your fingers firmly and slowly deep inside. By this point, there are beads of sweat between your breasts and the top of your thighs so you take the time to slide you hand around and down your wonderful cleavage, tenderly scratching at your stomach as your hands creep to your now throbbing pussy..

DEEP inside you plunge your fingers and your pussy lets out a squelch of excitement. Now your looking at the clock wondering how long you’ve been away from your desk so you start to finger yourself more furiously, all the time having to keep your groans of pleasure in check in case somebody hears?!!!!!!

Not long now, firmer and faster you plunge your fingers deeper and deeper and you feel your juices running into the palm of your hand and down your thigh with that wonderful aroma that only a woman in total euphoria can have. Fast, deeper, faster, deeper, almost there!!!! You let out a loud gasp as you reach your climax, wondering is anyone may have heard you (all the time being excited by the thought of it). There you go!!!!! Your moment of climax has arrived and you are quivering all over as you reach the point of bliss that only your fingers can bring you. Slowly you raise yourself, only thinking about the next time you’ll be walking away from your desk to do it all over again!!!!