Young babe seductively removes tight top and knee length skirt to show us her stockings

Are you wearing your tight pencil skirt today? With those tight white panties and high heels. I like those. As you sit outside my office going about your daily chores , you hear me on the phone shouting at someone really angrily and then i call you in to my office. As you walk in you notice that my tie is off and I’m particularly stressed out.”I’m in a bad and angry mood today” i say…..what will you be doing to help me?

I suggest you close the door. “take a seat opposite my desk” i say….as you do so i see a flash of your panties between your legs. Its hot in here don’t you think? why don’t you unbutton your blouse – you do so unsure, but compliantly. Thats better …no please take a note….As you get ready – you notice an impressive bulge in my pants. Are you turned one? you ask me?

I am i say, but this is business. Actually why don’t you come and sit on my desk so you can hear me better ? as you do i look at your impressive cleavage and long legs in front of me. “Turn around for me please” i ask quickly you feel my hand on your arse and slipping your skirt up. “we shouldn’t” you say but i don’t listen and quickly my hand is between your legs feeling your wet panties.

You will suck my cock as I come into your office i need to make sure though that before i let you do that. you understand that you will take me deep and long i would insist of course that you take your breasts out and your nipples are nice and hard for me if i choose to cum on them…..

as i grab you bu the hair i’ll pull you over to your desk, force your legs apart and enter you, via your pushed down panties and nylon stockings….as slap to the arse won’t go amiss as i fuck you deeper and harder while still pulling your head back by your hair. Watch this full length movie here