What should Danica Collins wear today?

The strain on the clasp on my bra as I try to contain my huge soft breasts in the lacy cup, pushing one breast in only to find the other has tumbled out!.  A tight fitting pencil skirt to compliment my curvy arse and an even tighter blouse with buttons bursting to pop and of course to finish, 6 inch black stiletto heels. Running my hands up the smooth, silk stocking and my fingers along the seam as I slip into silky panties and feel their softness against my warm, moist pussy. Slipping my bare feet into a FF stocking, slowly easing it up my curvy leg before fastening the clasp to the stocking top. Finally I am ready and I feel so womanly and sexy. Now all I have to choose is where I’m going! If you enjoy this Danica movie then check out her great new site here