This sexy blond secretary is in black stockings at work,

I see a glint in your eye that tells me you are already wet in your panties and in need of some attention. I would follow you to your office for an informal chat, the whole time thinking about sliding up your skirt to reveal your sexy arse in those smooth nylons. I can’t stop thinking about it… I want you! As I sit down you notice a bulge in my trousers and a smile comes across your face. You know what I want!

Without a moments hesitation you walk over and shut the door and blinds. Slowly moving closer to me, you fall to your knees, keeping eye contact as you reach out and undo my trousers. You are not disappointed to see me fall out into your hands, already dripping with anticipation and growing hard in your soft hands. my balls twitch as you lean forward and take me in your mouth… So hot and wet you feel me throb as you take me deep, pushing the back of your mouth. Stroke my balls as you suck on my hard cock, taste me as I drip in your willing mouth. I reach down and undo your buttons, sliding my my hand inside your shirt, cupping your breasts, feeling your nipples getting hard through your bra. My other hand holds the back of your head as you move up and down on me.

You pull up and look deep into my eyes then say “I want you”. I stand up and turn you around, bending you over your desk. Pulling your skirt up you push your arse back into me. I sense how much you want it, pulling your nylons down over your arse and your panties to one side… then you feel my hard wet cock between your cheeks. Pulling them apart you feel me enter you. Slowly at first until you have all of me,  then slowly out and back in. Hearing you gasp as you take my length! holding your hips and pulling you into me, take it all baby. Watch the full length movie at send your secretary here