Secrtary in a long skirt with pink panties but stockings and a garter belt in the office.


I want to take you to a dark sexy restaurant like Joel de Roubouchon where the lighting is soft and the decor is pure lust red and enjoy eating a beautiful meal where we share some of the dishes – perhaps I can feed you the occasional mouthful so that I can watch your tongue curl sensuously around the fork and I can imagine where it might curl later .

The downstairs restaurant there has high tables with kind of tall sexy bar stools – just perfect for you to show the right amount of your stockinged legs so that the other diners cant help looking across at you and wishing you were their dining companion and not their own boring partners . You cant seem to help getting turned on by the furtive looks you are getting from all around the room , knowing that half the diners in the place wish that they were going to be fucking you tonight – and that half doesnt only include the men ! You part your legs ever so slightly – just enough for me to see a little further up your thighs towards the lacy top of your stockings . You are enjoying the effect that you are having on me – turning me on but in such elegant surroundings that there is nothing that I can do about it . Or is there?

While the waiter is away at the other side of the room , I slip my hand slowly up in between your thighs and I can feel the heat coming from your pussy , even before I touch it . The fact that you are getting so turned on only gets me going even further . I reach across and whisper in your ear to follow me downstairs to the loo as soon as I have left .

Your eyes widen a little more – you cant quite believe what you have heard . And then before you can ask me to repeat it , I am gone and you are left with only your thoughts of what might be about to happen and the knowledge that faces of both men and women are glancing at you sideways , almost egging you on to go down and join me because they too seem to know what it going to happen .

So you get off the stool , almost a little unsteadily – is that the wine or is it that your legs are becoming a touch unsteady from the rush of blood to the head . Slowly you walk across the room , almost defiantly in front of your audience as they silently cheer you on – even the waiters seem to be keeping their distance as if not to disturb you . You walk down the stairs into the semi-darkness and just after your step down off the last tread you feel my hand grab you arm and pull your urgently towards the mens room on the right before anyone can see us ..

I push open the first cubicle door ( don’t worry , they are definitely big enough I can assure you ) and push you to sit down in front of me . I move right up close to you and force your legs wide open with mine so that your short skirt rides right up towards your waist , exposing your beautiful black lace panties framed by your stockings . I push your shoulders back towards the wall and lean down and at first I just breathe deeply through your underwear into your warm and now wet pussy . I can smell your sex on my nose and I can sense how turned on you are just by the way your legs are moving almost imperceptibly as I start to lick the outside of your panties .  You are starting to breathe more heavily now and suddenly , in one quick move , I pull your panties to one side and dive into your glistening sex with my tongue . You are still concentrating on me flicking your clit with my tongue when I push my finger gently but firmly up inside you and start to stroke the inside . Now you are beginning to get out of control and you reach for the back of my head and pull it in towards you as if to actually bring me inside you completely .

I know that you are about to come and that is all I want you to do right now . I speed up both my licking and my sliding as I can feel that you are about to erupt onto my tongue – which is the taste that I want to have so badly when I go back up . And then , suddenly , it all happens . Your release comes in a flood and you are struggling to bite your lip to help you not cry out with joy and relief . I am loving the taste of your cum on my lips and the knowledge that I was right upstairs when I thought how turned on you were . But we dont have any more time – at least not during dinner . So I quickly get up and , as I turn around to go back upstairs , I just say quietly – ” see you back at the table ”  and leave .

You are out of breath and you need to take a moment or two to regain your composure – after all you know that you are going to have to walk past all those same faces again and you need to look as if you havent just had the most almighty orgasm ! Gradually , you recover and you pull down your skirt to leave when an idea strikes you ….

When you come back across the room you are certain that everyone can see that you appear a great deal more flushed that when you went down but there is nothing you can do about it – they are only jealous really after all ! As you sit back on your stool , you lean across to me and you whisper that we had better hurry up with dessert because you are going to give me the return match of my life when we get back to the hotel .