Secretary putting on her stockings at work

I will let you take me to your office and sit me down. Exchange a few pleasantries etc until I can take no more. I like to take control so you will have to do as you are told. I tell you to “stand up and walk over here, turn around and show me yourself”. looking you up and down is turning me on and you can see as I stand up. the bulge in my trousers is obvious and is all for you. I come up behind you and you feel me press against you. My bulge pushing into your arse. My hands reach round, gliding over your tummy and up around your breasts. I slip my hand in your shirt and feel your firm breasts, all the while growing harder for you in my pants. Softly kissing your neck you feel my warm breath and moist lips, holding you close to me and pushing my hips into you. I whisper “turn around and kneel down baby”. You comply with a smile and go down. My bulge thrusting out at you as you reach out and undo my trousers. I hold your head and guide my cock straight into your mouth. Instantly you feel me throbb and grow harder for you. Still holding your head I push in and out. “take it all baby!” ” Swallow my cock!” you are so good. Your hot wet mouth feels amazing and hearing you gag on my cock turns me on even more. In and out I start to fuck your face. Keeping eye contact as yours start to water…

“I want to taste you”. I stand you up and move you backwards to your desk. I fall to my knees and hitch up your skirt, revealing your black stockings and white panties. As I kiss my way up your inner thigh I can smell your pussy, already wet and ready for me. Feeling rampant I pull at your stockings and make a hole at the crotch, pulling your panties aside you suddenly feel my wet tongue sliding over your pussy lips… mmm you taste so good, feeling you shudder un my touch. My finger slides inside your wet hole ad my tongue flicks over your hard clit. You’re really wet now and your juice is dripping down over your arse hole and onto the desk. Now with two fingers inside you I take a chance… At the same time I slide my ring finger in your arsehole… You let out a gasp but say nothing to stop me. In and out, filling both your holes.

Your shirt is open and I kiss my way up over your tummy and chest. Hearing your breathing getting heavier as I slide my cock deep in your pussy. “wrap your legs around me” “take me deep!”. mmm speeding up and now fucking you hard on your desk. Holding you head and pulling your hair as I fuck you. Feeling you cum on my cock pushes me to the edge but I won’t cum yet! Pulling out and pushing to your knees again, “taste yourself baby and clean my cock”. Mmm that’s good baby, “now stand up and trun around”. You stand up but reluctant to turn around. I make you and then bend you over your desk. You ripped stockings now hanging off you, your panties still pulled over showing your perfect arse. My hard wet cock rubs between your cheeks and pushes at the entrance to your arse. You say “No” but push back onto me at the same time. You know you want it and baby, you’re going to get it “now bend over”. Holding you pressed against the desk I slide the tip of my cock in your arse