Secretary Anna test drives the new girl. Hardcore lesbian video with fingers, tongues and dildos

I would walk up quietly behind you whilst you were sitting at your desk and gently kiss your neck, before you could turn around to see who it was I’d slip a black silk scarf over your head and around your eyes, tying it so you would be blindfolded. I would stand you up, and initially do nothing just stand so close we would almost be touching but not quiet, you would hear my breathing feel my breath, then I would turn you round so you’d be facing me, I would kiss you on the lips, slowly first then more passionately, I would move my hands to your breasts, touching them through your White blouse, feeling your nipples harden, my hands would slide down past your waste, to the hem of your black skirt. Gently lifting your skirt I would pause at the top of your stockings feeling the silky material where it meets your smooth skin, I would hitch your skirt up exposing the crouch of your White panties, I’d push you back until you were sitting on the edge of your desk, kneeling I’d pull your knickers to one side and taste you, slowly first, getting quicker, delving my tongue deeper just as you were about to cum, I’d stop turn you onto your front on your desk and enter you, pushing in deep and slowly, getting faster and faster till we both came, me deep inside you, then I’d slip away as quietly as I approached you

I would tie your arms to your chair, not to tight, just enough to restrain you, then I’d unbutton your blouse, pulling it open to just over your shoulders, I would lean round and undo your bra exposing your breasts, I’d suck your nipples till they were hard, gently bite them, whilst I was doing this I would be rubbing you through your panties getting you wet, I’d slip a finger under your panties and into you, sliding it in and out, slowly at first, then faster and faster until you came, soaking your panties! Then I’d untie you, you would still be sitting down, you would undo my trousers and take me in your mouth, sucking me, bringing me close, the you would stop, stand up and push me onto your desk, you would pull your panties off straddle me hitchin up your skirt and lower yourself onto me, riding me slowly, feeling me deep in you, rocking back and forth, you would take you panties and put them in my mouth leaning forward you would use your weight to hold my arms down, you’d be riding me faster and faster until we both came! Watch the full length movie at Suburban sluts here