Danni Harwood flashes her black seemed Stockings in the Elevator


I would imagine u finding a reason to work late in the office, wearing your favourite boots, skirt and lingerie combination. I would turn up and not say much, if anything. Bend you over your desk, pull up your skirt and start caressing and kissing your pert ass. Pulling your knickers to the side I would then get to work on your delicious asshole. Kissing and tonging it, forcing my tongue deep inside while parting your buttocks.

By now you will be getting wetter and wetter and I’ll start to make this worse by tickling and sucking your clit, fingering your gorgeous pussy. One finger, two, maybe three. Forcing them deeper and deeper as you cling furiously onto the sides of your desk. Ur getting closer and closer to coming and as u near ecstasy, I won’t do the obvious (we can save that for another time). No, I’ll get my, now rock hard, cock out and wank myself while masturbating u to orgasm. As u come, you’ll feel my sperm splashing over your ass.

An empty office. Just u on your own. Ur trying to pretend to be busy, but really you’re just getting more and more moist knowing I’ll be arriving. I arrive.

Clearly your boss’s office need to be abused, so we go in there. Ur obviously so wet and horny already that I take control. Instructing you to remove your top, telling you to caress your breasts. Making u take off your skirt and climb on your bosses desk. And, then, I want u to wank for me. I want you to get off on wanking in front of someone you don’t really know. It won’t take long, your too horny already; but, yes sir, you are going to come hard.

You won’t be allowed much time to recover. I will be on the desk with you, on top of you. Teasing you with my cock near your face until I finally allow u to take me in your mouth. If you lean your head over the edge of the desk, you can take my dick deeper than you ever thought possible. I’m practically fucking your mouth. But, hey. I’m one to share. I swivel around, we suck the fuck out of each other – the harder u suck my cock, the stronger I ravish your cunt.

Finally, we maneuver for the climax. You on all fours, on your bosses desk while I am ramming my cock deep inside your pussy from behind. My hands are all over you, your ass, your breast, until I fill u with cum as your juices drip everywhere and we both explode like the horny bunnies we are.