Only Secretaries Stevie slips out of the black minidress to show us her black stockings

I love panties, ok I love to remove the panties as well, but I do love seeing a babe in panties. I would love to be there right now…. I would walk into the office for a meeting and you would look up from your desk and see me….we would make eye contact, maybe a quick smile then you would notice my eyes lower down to your tits and your eyes would lower to my bulge, my twitching erection. I would then go into the meeting thinking of you and you would stay at your desk, with your panties getting a little wet, and your hands desperate to reach down and play with your self. I would think of how I would like to undress you during the meeting.

After the meeting i would come up to your desk and ask you where the bathroom is. You would tell me. I would lean over you so I can get a good look down your shirt and you would help me by leaning forward. You will drop a pencil on the floor and i will offer to pick it up for you, as i do I will notice your legs, in black shiny sexy boots and you will open your legs, just a little, so i can see you are wearing stockings. I will quickly run my hands up your legs and touch your inner thigh.

By this time we know we have to touch each other. As I get up i will “accidentally” brush my cock against your arm and you will feel how hard you have made me. I will ask you again where the bathroom is and you will offer to show me. As you show me the gents you tell me that you may as well just pop into the ladies next door, and give me a wink and a quick flash of thigh. You will go in and I will follow you into a cubicle. When we are in I will pin you against the door and hold your head in my hands and kiss you passionately. our tongues will thrust into each others mouths. I will press my body against you and you will feel my hardness…. you will lift one leg up and rub your pussy into my cock and press your tits against my chest. I will reach behind and lift your tight black skirt up so I can feel your bum. You will begin to thrust yourself against my cock, we are getting heated and need to fuck. My cock is hard and ready to burst, your pussy is wet, open and ready for my tongue. I will unbutton your blouse and lick your boobs through your sexy sheer see-through blouse, and feel your nipples get hard as i give them a little nibble. You will reach down and run your hands over my big hard cock. See this full length movie here