Only Carla wearing an all black outfit including a leather skirt and black stockings


So you are inviting me to come and see what the office is like when no one is around. I walk in and I see you in your sexy black stockings and that nice tight short skirt .. I can see the suspender belts and love the sound of your high heals. So the boss is away today, you going to show me his office now?

I sit at the huge desk and tell you if I was the boss I would so much enjoy asking you to do things, especially if it means that you walk away and walk back and I can hear those high heals making that noise which just makes my cock harden. I notice your panties are not thongs and ask you to come closer to where I am sitting. I slip my hands under your skirt and slowly pull your panties down…. ‘now that’s better go walk away let me see the view now; Your ass looks so edible without panties.. i pick you up and place you on your bosses desk, your short skirt rides up your thighs and i get on my knees and start to gently kiss your thighs making m way up to your warm wet spot, i get a taste and i pull my head up and tell you ;i bet your boss never does this to you’… I ask you to spread them wide for me and this time i take a long dive, licking up and down, left and right, nibbling and sucking… i pull you so you slide down further and start to lick your neither ,,, you know that area which is not the pussy and neither your ass,,, my tongue is going everywhere and not leaving any spots without a shine.

I gently slide my pointing finger inside your pussy, this happens while i continually lick and suck you, now be a good girl and show me how wet you can get my face. I move another finger inside and have the thumb teasing your ass and with my other hand am holding your lips upwards and apart and sucking on your clit, I don’t stop until I feel warm juices dripping along with some moans and twitches..

Nice, I pick you up and place you in my seat and I stand in front of you drop my pants and ask you if now you are going to take care of your boss? I enjoy you taking me deep down your throat stronger and faster more wet and sloppy until I almost can not take it anymore,, at that point I ask you to stop and to assume the position. ‘You know the position that I know you love so much’ I whisper and breath in your ear and tell you, bend over, keep that skirt on but do bend over.

As I bend you over the desk you feel my hard cock tracing your backside and teasing you, I see you opening wider and wider for me, begging for it… So finally with one push I let it all slide inside very deep inside and stay like this for a few seconds, before I slowly slide it almost out and then back deep and hard inside.. I do this a couple of time before I catch a rhythm and start pounding the entire wet shiny length deep inside and back almost outside and so on,, I reach over and pull your hair back, I can see you face in the mirror opposite us and that look just got me so hot.. ‘you like it?’ yes I know you do..

Your pussy feels so good but I can not hold it much longer so I pull out and I ask you where would you like this big load?, before you have a chance to answer I turn you around and tear you blouse open and spray my warm cum all over you tits, some of it catches you chin and neck and for a second I collapse on top of you.. I kiss you gently again and tell you how hot you are. I know your boss has a shower in his bathroom, I say we take a shower together now, I want to use my tongue as your sponge