Naughty Mili Jay from Art Lingerie only in pink lingerie and tan stockings

Although yesterday you were in a short black skirt, I quite like the sound of your tight pencil skirts. Initially I would really enjoy admiring your movements around the office, particularly your bottom. Wondering at this stage whether your nyloned legs are proper stockings or tights.

Then I notice what just might be the clasps from your suspenders showing through when you’re bent over reaching into the filing cabinet. I intentionally brush past you with the back of my hand to confirm my suspicion. When it then becomes clear that you have messed up my appointment with the bosses and scheduled for me to be there when they are all out I have no option other than to suggest that such inefficiencies are not acceptable and perhaps if I spanked your bottom you wouldn’t make the mistake again?

My real aim here is simply to get that perfectly formed, skirt covered bottom stretched across my lap, well aware that were you to take up that position you’d detect my erection. Whether your skirt is short or pencil, I assume both styles are pretty tight and soon I reach for the zip to remove it. I can now admire your underwear in all its glory – white satin deep suspender belt holding on to those silky smooth stockings, and a matching pair of full-back panties. The desire to spank your panty-clad cheeks changes to more of a caress and soon the focus of my attention shifts to the gusset between your legs. As I rub your mound, up and down, varying between several fingers and just one I feel the heat or arousal coming off you. The urge to have you across a spare desk begins to rise. But not yet

So many options fill my mind, wandering between the vision of penetrating you still with your panties on, gusset pushed to one side, or removing them so that you can watch me play with them first in my fingers then wrapped around myself half wanting to soil them properly before putting them back on you.

But with your panties removed, bent over the desk, while playing with you it is hard to avoid my thumb from teasing your anus bringing your state of arousal even higher. My erection is now almost to the point where it hurts and relief is in desperate need. You move yourself about making it clear that you want to take me in your mouth. Watch this full length movie at Art Lingerie here