Mistress and her made both in stockings


You could be wearing a tight, short skirt, tight fitting blouse, short jacket and high heels; and you could be wearing very sheer tights. You would hold my gaze as you walk about the office. When you sit down in front of me and cross your legs, your skirt rides up. I can’t help myself looking at your legs and spying the sexy triangle outlined by your thighs and taught skirt. I ask myself if you are wearing any panties. Before I can answer our eyes meet.

Then you get up and walk towards the Board room. It is reserved for special meetings and is seldom used. Your figure flows. How can I resist following you? Closing the door we are safe from interruption. I suggest you take off your skirt. This reveals your beautiful, slim and shapely figure. I undo the bottom buttons of your blouse and tie the ends at your waist. Now standing there in high heels, a short jacket and sheer tights without panties you look incredibly sexy. I am so horny. You walk around the table. I get so hard. You produce a pair of scissors. I take them and very carefully make a small incision in your tights, where access is required. You stand with your legs apart and I kiss your exposed flesh. As I lick you and caress you with my tongue your natural scent is so alluring. My mouth follows you as you writhe with pleasure. After your release you sit and lie back on the table, the perfect height for me to place my hands under you and bring you to me.

I’d love it if you gave me some oral! Just as I would love giving you some, especially as I hitch up your skirt around your waste and lay you back on the desk. With your legs in the air it’s such a turn on to see you wearing stockings with high heels pointing upwards. I love your natural scent as I gently kiss your pussy lips, then roll up my tongue and push it inside you. Your lips are swollen and open up. Oh that’s a really sexy view! I come back for more. Licking and kissing and caressing your pussy, and gently nuzzling your clit with my tongue and teeth. You are so wet. I suck you and play with you. Sighing softly at first, your moans grow louder and turn me on. You move your pussy to enhance your pleasure. Gradually your ecstacy increases, and I love burying my head between your thighs. Eventually you shudder in release, trying in vain to contain a shriek as intense feelings of pleasure shoot
through your body.

Your eyes still closed, I roll you over. Now you are bent over the desk. How sexy you look in stockings and heels, with your skirt up and arse in the air. I spank you with my hands. You let out a sharp breath. I spank you again and you moan. My cock is stiff. You sigh with pleasure as I enter you. I’m so aroused. I bury my cock in your sweet, moist pussy. I fuck you hard. You feel exquisite. I change the rhythm and move the angle of penetration, exploring you inside with my cock. Working up the pace I can contain myself no longer and cum inside you.