Miss Abigail Fraser black stockings and boots


I think that first thing that I would want to do would be just to watch you for a little while, preferably reading a dirty smutty email and see how excited you get, would you be brave enough to slide you fingers inside your panties whilst sitting at your desk? Perhaps whilst you’re looking so avidly at your screen I would sneak under your desk so I could get a close up of just how you tease and tantalize your pussy??  Perhaps then you would feel my hands on your knees, pushing your legs apart, first of all I would slowly and gently run my hands along the inside of your thighs, enjoying every inch of your skin, then tease your soggy panties aside and rest my thumb on your clitoris, slowly I would slide my thumb around your clitoris, pressing firmly, then softly, then firmly, then softly.  All the time I would see your luscious white cum dribbling out of your pussy.

The time would come that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from sliding my tongue around the edge of your clitoris, sucking firmly on your clitoris as I feel it swell in my mouth, then i would move down to the entrance to your honey pot, slowly teasing you as I poke my tongue in and out so I can taste your peachy heaven.  I know that after a while I would push your chair back, tear your shirt open and grip your firm breasts with both hands whilst tounging your pussy hard and deep.

Next I would spin you over and lay you on your desk face down, then I’d rip your little panties off, feeling them tear against your skin, I spread your legs and bury my face into your ass and pussy.  I know that your legs will be quivering by now so I would pull out my big cock and rub the tip around the edge of your pussy, then when your groaning with pleasure and you least expect it, I would thrust hard inside you, feeling your juices gush out and down my balls and legs, you’re so creamy and excited at this point that you let out a squeal as you grip the edge of your desk, thrusting yourself backwards so my cock goes deeper and deeper each time…

As I’m standing over you with my cock sliding deep inside you, your legs start to quiver and it’s only the desk that keeps you up.  Just before we are both about to come I grab your hair with one hand, tug it back and grip your breast with my other hand, at this point we are banging so hard onto each other that your juices are literally squirting everywhere, you then beg me to come, I ask ‘inside your pussy, over your breasts or in your mouth