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I come in and we touch…embrace….caress….some nice, soft but meaningful kissing. You’re wearing a sexy short skirt along with those little panties I love and I know that I’m desperate to get to them but first things first 🙂 The kissing has got us both aroused and, holding you close, you can feel how hard I’ve become. I get down on my knees while you stand and I work my way slowly up your gorgeous legs with my tongue and my fingers, feeling you gently as I go until with both hands, I lift your skirt and press my mouth against your groin, moving your panties aside and licking my tongue around your now very wet pussy, paying particular attention to sucking your hard clitoris. You start to moan and tell me how you want me inside you so I pull you to the floor, your legs wide apart and let you guide my hard cock into your gorgeous warm pussy.

I keep thinking about you masturbating…in the office toilet, having to keep quiet while you stroke your wet pussy and feel that sensation build up until you want to scream. I have nice smooth, thick, cut 9″ cock which i would love you to suck on while you tease my hard balls with your soft fingers, letting me move in your mouth and shoot my cum in you.

I want to take you over the desk with you wearing your heels, your lovely tits hanging down which I can stroke and me spanking your backside to heighten your pleasure. I want to feel how wet your panties get thinking about this and about my big hard cock banging against you.