Lana from Lanas lingerie tease in white stockings


Lana really likes underwear and then she wants to tease, making Lana the ideal match at a site named, remarkably,  Lanas Lingerie Tease. So, you’re very likely here because the notion of nylons and also teasing is simply a factor that you happen to be keen on, therefore the only issue you ought to figure out is certainly how you feel about Lana.

Lana is a stylish lady. She stands 5’6″ & weighs about 120 lbs. This lady has blonde hair, Lana’s measurements are 34-26-34. Lana is certainly an older lovely lady. There’s no reference to her age at the web page, but I am going to guess 40ish (if perhaps I am mistaken I apologize to her in advance).

She’s just had the web site re-designed, although including posting dates wasn’t an aspect of the facelift. It can make it tough to know when the internet site is updated.

So far, you have 80+ movies, each one seeing her wearing an alternative revealing outfit. The videos can easily be down loaded also , you generally have a choice out of Windows  and QuickTime. Unfortunately, a few can simply be down loaded in WMVs, but streamed . You should count on usually high class play.

There’s approximately 28 sets of photos together with numerous sets from vid caps. The real photos normally look nice and many are even high-res. Meanwhile, the vid caps tend to be incredibly good. Whether you’re focussing on pix or vid caps, you can still save them all in Zip files, that is an option added in during the change.

What nylons addicts should appreciate is because Lana seriously does love the satiny dress just as much as you do. The range of looks and colours is great, while the way Lana moves , rubbing herself then smiling on video camera, seriously demonstrates a desire which you solely get from an authentic amateur site like this one. As much as nudity goes, you will get watch Lanas tits, however this is a softcore tease web-site, so the lingerie is basically what is presented.

Presently there aren’t any bonuses, but you can contact her by email, therefore that provides followers some prospect of connection. Despite any lack of bells or whistles Lana’s web site does have its benefits while the cost are affordable plus the recurring cost is actually discounted. Overall, Lanas Lingerie Tease is going to be looking into.