Breathtaking Mia from Only tease slowly removes her polka dot minidress revealing white stockings.

If your office was empty…. I would come over with some important papers and find you all alone… I would ask for so and so, he is not there, just you and me. You would offer me a drink and we would go into the kitchen. As you bent over to get the milk from the fridge you would make sure that I could see your skirt riding up and see the top of your suspenders. I take this as a signal, even more so when i catch you having a sneaky glimpse at my growing erection in my trousers. I follow you out of the kitchen and watch your bum in your tight skirt wiggle, a little on purpose… you know you are turning me on!

You perch on the edge of your desk and drink your tea. I sit opposite you and see your legs crossed and swinging. You have slyly undone a couple of buttons of your blouse and i can see a glimpse of your boobs and the top of your bra…. you know what you are doing to me and can see my erection. I have to reach down and adjust my cock as it is getting uncomfortable and you watch with lust in your eyes. As I look up again i notice you have uncrossed your legs and they are a little apart. I can see your stocking tops and the beautiful smooth flesh of your inner thigh. We have gone beyond the point of no return. I tell you I like your stockings and you ask me if I want to see a little more. You open your legs a little more and i can see your cute white panties. I comment that they look a little wet and therefore tasty. You look down to check and they are. I begin to rub my cock through my trousers as you run a finger up your pussy through your panties and then put your wet sticky finger in my mouth. I taste your pussy juice and ask if i can have some more….. at this you pull your skirt up, lie back on the desk and I pull your skirt all the way up and lick your inner thighs tracing my tongue up until I taste your pussy through your panties… taste your wet pussy juice… I can see you hard clit through your panties and give it a little flick with my tongue. Watch the full length only tease movie here