Betty Paige opens the robe, showing she is only wearing panties, stockings and high heels

fuck me you look hot in your heels… for some reason I’m moved to follow you down the corridor, my cock is getting hotter and harder as I walk and as you get closer to the door you suddenly stop and look me deep in the eye holding your mouth slightly open so I can see your silky tongue. I stop in my tracks, my cock now so hard you can see my trousers bulging… you hold one finger up indicating that I wait right where I am while you disappear into the Ladies. Five seconds later you pop back out and beckon me in, you’ve already loosened the buttons on your crisp white shirt. As calmly as I can I follow you in the Ladies and into a hot clean cubicle.I can’t hold myself back I rub my hands all over your back, sides and under your hair as I kiss and suck your neck, cheeks and chest. Another button comes undone on your shirt till I can see your lacy black (white?) bra that are barely hiding your nipples. Now I’m feeling your hand on mine, pushing it down towards the bottom of your tight short skirt, you leave it there and your hand rubs up and down my hot hard cock as my hand starts to work your skirt higher, I feel the top of your stockings and slowly and gently, but firmly slide my index finger over your wet white panties and for the first time you moan.

I love wet panties especially if I can kneel down in front of them and start to taste your juicy pussy by licking and sucking away hard at your knickers; so that is where I’ll start next week. You’ll slowly raise your stocking covered legs around my head as I pull your panties aside to discover your tight wet, smooth pussy… I’ll firmly finger your clit as I taste your pussy juices with my wet hot tongue before I swap them over so my tongue is doing probing tight circles on your clit as my finger start to explore deeper into your pussy. You’ll be so wet now and my cock will be so hard, but I want to bring you tantalizingly close to cumming before I let you near my hot smooth cock. Your legs will grip harder around my neck, your high heels stabbing into my back, but I won’t care as I’ll be so absorbed in your pussy pushing my tongue inside you as my hand reaches lower to tease your little ass. See this full length movie at Vintage Classic Porn here