Nylon lover looking for more nylon loving contacts and date

In my building there is a stairwell that hardly anyone uses since there is an elevator. I want to sneak out there and meet you. It is dark most of the time. I hide in the shadow by the stairs waiting for you. When you get there, I come up behind you pulling you towards me. You don’t see anything but my hands. My hands on your breasts as I bring you closer to my body you start to scream but then stop when you feel my hard hot cock pressed against your ass cheeks over your tight little skirt. I lift up the skirt to get a better contact and slowly dry hump your butt crack over your white panties as I fondle your breasts. We say nothing. Just the groans and heavy breathing. Then I reach up and feel your moist panties. You can almost see my smile in the dark. I slide your panties to the side and the move my cock head to your waiting outer pussy lips. Then in one swift thrust I slide deep into you, filling you, stretching you–oh it feels so¬† good the way it feels inside your tight hot pussy. You bend over on the stair rail now and I slide it in and out of you from behind. Still in the dark we move into each other in desperate passion. The rhythm increases now as I fuck you faster and faster. Like crazed animals we both fight for that glorious climax. Faster and faster I give you that throbbing hard cock of mine deep and hard. You squeeze it in you as I go deeper and deeper. Finally we can’t hold back any longer. You scream as you cum I also explode spurting inside you filling you as your pussy overflows –cum slides down your inner thighs. I hold you tight as we shudder in our mutual climax. Then suddenly you pull away and walk down the stairs, readjusting your panties.