A dirty bitch in fishnet tights with a big hole in them, PVC thigh high boots, a tiny denim mini-skirt, white shirt and school tie.

I would come to your office and sit opposite you, as we discussed the mundanity of office life my eyes would glance at your crossed legs, the hem of your skirt hitched up a little higher than normal. I see
the lacy top of your nylons and the hint of suspender showing through the material.

My cock grows in my trousers and you see the bulge and the slightly heavier breathing as my subconscious betrays my eyes and reveals what you do to me. You lean forward to pick up a dropped pen, your blouse open enough to show a hint of the beauty beneath. As you return to your seat your hand brushes my groin, stroking my hard cock, making it twitch.

Our eyes meet and we kiss hard, our tongues probing, tasting the bitter hit of the awful office coffee on each others lips. You push me back to my seat and drop to your knees, deftly unzipping my fly and reaching into my cotton boxers for my cock. Unleashed from it’s fabric prison it grows further. You smile at it twitching in the cool office air and delicately kiss the tip. Running your nails over it’s length.

You slide your tongue over my shaft before taking it slowly into your mouth. You move, barely, along it’s length your eyes staring up at me. Showing delight. Your speed increases and i begin to moan in the ecstasy your are providing. My climax approaches as it does you pull away from me, i grab my cock and begin masturbating it, milking myself to orgasm as your hands massage my balls. My cock bounces once, you smile knowing what is to come, it bounces twice and your mouth drops open. Then it cums. My seed spraying out of my cock of fantastic rythmic spasms of glory. Covering your tongue, and lips and face. I pull you up, and kiss you deeply, tasting myself on your lips.

“Lift your skirt and show me how you cum” I say as my cock basks in the glow of what you just did for me. You sit back down and pull up your skirt, your red, glistening pussy lips begging for me, but not yet. You lick your fingers and begin to rub your clit. Making small circles around it, occasionally pushing a finger inside you.

You arch you back as the pleasure washes over you, waves of heat and electricity surging through like a torrent of energy. It cannot be stopped, you rub harder and faster, pawing at your breasts, tearing an orgasm from your body. My cock leaping back to life as you scream out the orgasm, breathing deeply.

You have no time to recover, i bend you over the desk, pulling up your skirt and push myself into you. With each hard thrust i slap your arse, making it glow as red as your pussy. ” come on slut, beg for me to fuck you” i say as you push yourself back into me. You plead with me to fuck you hard, to cum in you. Your delightful and oh so dirty pussy is doing it’s job. A second torrent of cum sprays into you, dig my fingers into your pussy and then thrust them in your mouth making you taste us both. Watch the full length movie at Jim Slip here