Red XXX in black stockings


I’m sure that your boss would not be at all pleased to know that you are masturbating on company time. As a boss myself, I would come down very hard on such behavior.

If I came across your advert on your pc screen while at work, I would have no hesitation in going straight down to the toilets to confront you about your actions. The toilets where I work can be opened quite easily from the outside so don’t imagine for one moment I would refrain from entering.

I imagine you would, by now, be knuckle deep in your pussy, with your legs open and stretched so they press against the sides of the cubicle. I also imagine you would be rather surprised to be disturbed in such a way but strangely that doesn’t seem to stop you from your endeavors. You certainly have some front to be able to just look at me and carry on fingering your obviously wet cunt.

‘It is entirely unacceptable that you indulge in this behavior while you are at work’, I say, and you stop in surprise. Suddenly you are very embarrassed and cover up your crotch with your hands.

‘Don’t worry,’ I say, ‘I’m not a total bastard. It would be mean to stop you once you’ve started’. You smile and tilt your head back, and use your fingers to spread your pussy lips wide, then slowly lift your finger to draw your wetness into a slick strand that you spread onto your thigh.

You can see my hardness showing through my trousers and you realize that your punishment for this is not going to take a standard form. ‘Stand up. Take your panties off’, I instruct in a low voice, and you get to your feet and clumsily struggle to remove them.

‘Here’, I say, ‘Let me smell them’. They smell sweet from your arousal and they have a wet patch that has gone through to the outside. ‘How long have these been like this?’

‘Most of the day,’ you reply, ‘I get very horny when I see you working. I’m sorry’.

‘I can understand that,’ I say. ‘But there are appropriate ways for you to deal with it. In future, I want you to ask permission for you to be relieved of your arousal.’

‘I will, I’m really sorry’.

‘That’s OK. Roll these into a ball and place them in your mouth.’ You stuff your knickers into your mouth and your eyes widen a little.

‘Now turn around, and push your bottom out.’ I lift your skirt and let my fingers run up your thigh, squeezing your buttock and pulling your legs slightly further apart. I look down at the beautiful area where your stocking tops meet your thighs.

‘Bend over further, and stick your bum out further.’ I unzip my trousers and let my swollen cock spring out. You can feel it hard against your bottom and you unconsciously open your legs wider. I can smell your pussy and I let the head of my penis slide between your legs, slipping up and down your soaking cunt lips.

‘Now, in future, if you feel horny, you must come to my office and ask to be fucked. Is that clear?’

You nod hurriedly and make a sound through the gag.

‘If I’m busy, then you will just have to wait until I am free. You may not touch yourself in the meantime. Is that also clear?

Again with the noise through the gag. I assume you’re saying ‘yes, that’s clear’. I let the tip of my cock rub back and forth over your clit and you start to moan.

‘OK, so unless you have something to ask me, I want you to get back to work. Do you have something to ask me?’

‘Ntheth’ you mumble and nod furiously.

‘What is it?’ I ask.

‘ntheeth nthut nthee’

‘You will have to speak more clearly, I am getting very bored here’ I say mischievously.


‘I have no idea what you’re saying, you silly girl, but I need to get rid of this troublesome erection I have. I’m just going to use you for my pleasure, if that’s OK. Or if it’s not. Either way I just wish to use you for a few minutes.’ I plunge my thick cock into your hot wet pussy and it slides fully in straightaway.

‘Mmmnnnn’, you moan, and I slap your arse swiftly, saying, ‘keep your fucking voice down’. You nod and drop your head while I start to thrust rhythmically. You make a low pitched sound as I ram myself quickly into you and start to press your body up against the cistern.

‘I won’t take long, I have a conference call to get back for. I’m afraid I won’t be able to take care of you this time’ I say, as my thrusts increase in speed and I can feel my orgasm starting. However, I hadn’t anticipated how aroused you already are, and you buck your hips and groan out loud again as you cum. I slap your arse hard again and say, ‘Shut the fuck up, you silly bitch, I’ve told you’ and you gasp. I pull my cock out and you feel my hot cum spurt over your bum cheeks. I slap them with my still throbbing cock and smaller dribbles of cum drip onto you. I rub it all in and wipe my cock and hand on your skirt.

‘Now sort yourself out and get back to work’, I say. ‘Don’t put your panties back on. And don’t wipe my cum off your skirt. I want you to sit out there like that for the rest of the day. I’m sure everyone will be able to smell sex on you and see the stains on your clothes. God knows what they will think of you.’

You straighten your clothes, and mumble ‘thank you’ before squeezing past and going back to your desk.