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January 29th, 2015

If I was to come to your office next week, you should book a meeting room in a quiet part of the floor. As you lead me from the reception to the lift, I’d admire your svelte curves, shown off by your slim skirt, and your fine legs in sheer black stockings. Your blouse, with the top buttons undone, would give the odd glimpse of the top of your black lace bra.

Once in the meeting room, you sit on the table and ask if I liked what I saw, crossing your legs and letting your skirt rise up your thighs. I approach you, moving to hold your hips, but you stop me, uncrossing your legs and putting your foot on my crotch. You motion downwards and I drop to my knees, between your legs, which you separate to reveal your lace stocking tops, smooth thighs and the v of black lace panties.

Finally you allow me to touch you, to push your skirt up your thighs and I kiss the scanty lace over your warm, wet pussy. My cock would be throbbing in my trousers, aching to fuck, but I would continue to pleasure you, pushing your panties to the side and tasting your wetness, massaging you with my tongue until your thighs tighten around my head and you come.

I would not be able to wait any longer and, standing up,I would undo my belt and flies and let out my hard cock. You lean back on the table and open your legs wide, to let me stand between them and ease my cock into your wet pussy. It’s tight at first, but I gradually ease my cock further into you and you gasp as I slide it all the way in.

Building up a slow rhythm, I fuck you harder and kiss you for the first time on the lips, then neck. You let your hair down and you look even sexier than before…

Turned on my the fact that we have never seen each other in person before and that we are fucking, hard, in your office you give me the naughtiest look and push me away. You turn around and lift your skirt up over your hips, so I can see the full length of your slender legs, and separate your feet. I hold your hips and enter you from behind. You hold your desk with your arms outstretched, and we fuck hard until I you are shuddering with another orgasm and I can feel the come welling up inside me. You turn around and kneel down to take me in your mouth and taste my hot juice as I orgasm.

We kiss again and hold each other, neither of us quite believing what is going on, but you put your finger to your lips, reminding me that we are at your office. You pull down your skirt and straighten your clothes; I make myself look as presentable as possible.

We kiss once again before we leave the room, but both switch back into work mode as we walk through the empty office and you show me back to the reception. You tell me that you’ll email me about the next meeting and I leave the building.


Big boob Kerry in white stockings dressed as a naughty nurse

January 26th, 2015

I read this post on the big boob amateurs blog and thought I would repost it for you. Hot Uk huge bosom sweetheart kerry marie did have a great deal of careers. Among the jobs this slapper has held include barmaid, in the store assistant, table dancer, stripper, putting together pc boards as well as dentistry hygienist. What kerry finds alluring in a gentleman? “I just like suits. I think gentlemen wearing suits are generally gorgeous. Or just men in uniforms. I like uniforms. Actually postman’s uniforms I find really appealing! “. However what this British big boob brunette is admittedly popular for is definitely getting out those 34JJ breasts in front of the digital camera. So you may perhaps think this slapper can be some kind of sweet, not guilty, healthy, bit of a pushover? Well, you merely made the biggest misjudgement of one’s jugg adoring life. Enjoy when this amateur performs with her very much worshipped boobs when this slut stares at you. She has got much to show. However this slappers site is not only about Kerry’s great big bosoms, as fantastic as about Kerry’s bust are. It is additionally about kerry marie dressing up in naughty clothes plus nylons, masturbating alone or maybe together with her huge boob grirlfriends. This slapper has a nice character to match Busty Kerrys innocent appearance and next to nothing awful may be claimed concerning this good woman. Piled plus plump now (Busty kerry acquired a lot of pounds back in 2004) Busty kerry gained scorelands plump babe of the Season 2 yrs running (2004 as well as 05) plus appears inside xlgirls frequently now also. View this amazing English babe in these movies while kerry marie  in white stockings is dressed as a naughty nurse.


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January 23rd, 2015

This movie was taken from the free lady sonia blog. Lady Sonia Movie. It was half term week and it seemed that most of the staff were off doing the kid thing. The office was empty and I was bored of looking at the fake eroticism on the internet, there is only so much pouting by strangers that you can take – or is there.

Then a remembered, the yummy mummy’s had all been looking at some pictures, but closed down when anyone else came by. I wandered over to their desks and tried the drawers – locked, but that has never stopped me before. Paper clip in hand I worked the lock and what a treasure chest.

Yvonne and husband obvious liked the bondage and the photos, there she was in a leather basque, hands above her head with a dildo up her pussy. I was hard as a rock, my cock just bursting against my trousers, I could feel the dampness of the pre cum. The desk was in the corner and no one was around, so what the hell, it beat working. I whipped down my fly and out it sprung firmer than i known for weeks. There was some cream in the desk, so I moistened my hand hand and started to rub. With the pictures spread out the I was lost to it, the hardest decision being which one to anoint.

Suddenly there is this cry, “What do you think you are doing?” I look up hand still tight round my rod, my bell end glistening with pre cum and there you are. What can I say or do?

Caught as I am, I’m in a state of total turn on and too make matters worse you are dressed to kill. I don’t know how to get out of this when your look of horror fades and a sly smile comes over your face. “You like a bit of bondage?” you ask. I just nod, my end still throbbing away. You step closer and pull up your skirt gently. I see the top of your stocking and a little bit of flesh. Any relaxation in my cock soon disappeared as it jerked to full attention once more, the end feeling like it my split and my balls just aching with the pressure.

You slide one stocking down and say “Put your hands out”, I can but obey. You tie the stocking tightly round by hands then make me kneel down by the desk and tie my hands to the desk. I’m stuck. Behind me I here the rustle of fabric as you pull down the other stocking, I try to look round but you won’t let me. Suddenly you reach through my legs and grab my cock and pull it down. Agony, but ecstasy at the same time. You tie you other stocking around my cock and then pull hard so it is almost coming back through my legs. It’s stuck there as I realize you have tied it to another desk leg. the pain but the bliss. You come round in front of me and sit on the desk, your skirt hiked up so I get to see your white panties and boy do they look damp. I stretch forward ignoring the pull on my cock and breathe in the aroma of your hot wet pussy. By stretching my tongue can just reach and I lick the cotton tasting the sensational juices flowing out. You start to gentle moan and your arse wriggles on the desk. God I want you but I am tied fast. You stand up pull down your knickers and fiercely rub them in my face. The taste the smell. You go behind and must lie down as the next thing I know is your lips are round my cock, your tongue caressing my end and your hands gripping my balls. I want to cum, but can’t. you keep on licking and sucking and squeezing and I just writhe around in ecstatic agony, I can’t carry on and am about to collapse.

You realize this and suddenly I hear the snip as you cut through your stockings. I fall and roll over. You just straddle me and with total ease my cock just slides into your steaming pussy. There is no time for niceness, you ride me like a rodeo stallion, my pent up pressure bucking you up in the air as I force my cock in and out faster and faster, I hear you cry as you start to cum, but I just thrust away, the pressure building up until I cum. It feels like a fire hose as my cock shoots out the cum into your pussy and I just collapse in a pile, there’s no energy to do anything else at all. See more lady sonia movie clips here

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Glamour model Linsey dawn McKenzie getting fucked by a machine wearing black stockings

January 20th, 2015

In the event you really don’t recognize yet who this big boob slut is, you’re set for a genuine treat. linsey dawn is usually a Uk topless model as well as pornstar who The Daily Sport newspaper presented on a regular basis throughout this busty tarts career together with Page three appearances in both The Sun and The Daily Star and also features for lads journals for example Loaded. linsey dawn mckenzie is famous for her considerable boobs, which were one time 36HH and they are currently 36E. On account of this busty tarts large natural breasts this big titted slapper grew to be a star model around her teen years as soon as The Daily Sport paper did a countdown to linsey Dawns massive first nude appearance that was pointed out to the country on her special birthday. this big titted slapper journeyed on to feature in soft porno movies and nude photoshoots for men’s publications and this British model turned a big success. this big boob slut is absolutely recognized for shagging lots of famous people as well as soap personalities and lastly footballers. You can learn all about this big titted slapper from the tabloid magazines. Although if you would like to see this glamour model being dirty on video, then you need to have a look at her exclusive dirty web-site. Where by you get to discover linsey dawn mckenzie shagging fucking herself and shagging adult males plus fucking girls. For instance on this film where we view this glamour model getting fucked by a machine wearing black stockings.


Leggy Lana gives an office boy a stocking footjob

January 17th, 2015

If you like secretaries like this then take a look at the send your secretary blog here. It would be good news if the office is empty. I have a lot of experience with office-based technology, and it occurred to me that an interesting idea might be for me to come round and fix your work computer. Much of that sort of work requires me to get under the desk to get inside the machine!

I’d have to switch the PC off to open it up, so you wouldn’t be able to use it for a while. Probably a good time to make a phone call. You decide to call your friend while I rummage among the cables under the desk.

After a while you get involved in your conversation and I notice you rolling back and forth in your chair and turning to face out the window, twirling your hair. I manage to sort out the problem and restart the computer. Still engrossed in your conversation, you realize it’s loading up and roll forward. I can see your legs are together but are apart from the knee down, and I start just moving things about so you will think I’m still busy.

It becomes clear that you are still so into your conversation that you seem to have forgotten that I am there, and so I sit and watch, while you talk and use the PC. I hear you telling your friend about the engineer that was here earlier but he must have gone. He was pretty hot, apparently.

You hang up and continue to work, presumably checking emails. As you get comfortable, I notice that your legs are now slightly apart. As you work, you shift in your seat from time to time, and I can see that your short skirt has already ridden up, and there is a dark band just inside, on your thigh.

I can’t believe you still haven’t noticed me. I’m so close to your legs that when you move them I can smell the scent of your perfume. I keep willing them to open further, to push your skirt higher so I can see if you really are wearing stockings. Suddenly, something on the net grabs your interest, and you lean forward as if to inspect something on the screen, your legs opening much wider, and your skirt shifting up to your lap.

Located directly between your legs I can clearly see your stocking tops and your creamy tan thighs, and between them your white panties. Whatever it is you are looking at, it’s clearly got you aroused. I can’t resist blowing very gently between your legs, directing my breath along the length of each thigh, then up and down over the front of your knickers.

You must be able to feel it because your left hand appears under the desk and absent-mindedly rubs your thigh. Once you remove it again, I repeat the blowing I did before. You cough, and I struggle not to laugh. I blow again over your panties and this time that is where you rub. Not distractedly, though, now you are obviously stroking your pussy through the fabric. You remove your hand to type occasionally, but it keeps returning and strokes rhythmically. The shape of your shaven cunt lips is clear through the sheer material.

I start to wonder if you might be having cybersex with someone, and I start to panic, thinking it is now really too late to make my presence known. My cock is already hard from the smell and heat from you, and I just want to get it out and cum while I gaze up your skirt, unbeknown to you. It’s incredible to be able to examine your underwear closely, see the lace and how it stretches over your skin.

But I know this has gone far enough. I start moving around loudly and make business-type sounds and call out, ‘Has it started working yet?’. You start and move your chair back quickly. ‘What the fuck…? Jesus, I thought you’d gone! What have you been doing down there?’

‘Uh…I, well’, I begin to say, and your face is thunder. ‘Sorry,’ I say, ‘While you were on the phone, I just caught sight of your stockings, but you didn’t realize I was there, and then I thought it was too late to say anything without looking like a pervert, and I thought you might leave for a moment, but then you started, y’know, doing THAT, and then I got aroused and it was uncomfortable, so I had to get out. I’m really sorry’.

You slowly break into a grin. ‘Bloody hell! You really startled me’, you say, and breathe deeply. Then, realization dawns that you were in the middle of something. You roll back to the computer and start typing. Like this hot secretary and want more then visit send your secretary here


Red XXX in black stockings

January 14th, 2015

I’m sure that your boss would not be at all pleased to know that you are masturbating on company time. As a boss myself, I would come down very hard on such behavior.

If I came across your advert on your pc screen while at work, I would have no hesitation in going straight down to the toilets to confront you about your actions. The toilets where I work can be opened quite easily from the outside so don’t imagine for one moment I would refrain from entering.

I imagine you would, by now, be knuckle deep in your pussy, with your legs open and stretched so they press against the sides of the cubicle. I also imagine you would be rather surprised to be disturbed in such a way but strangely that doesn’t seem to stop you from your endeavors. You certainly have some front to be able to just look at me and carry on fingering your obviously wet cunt.

‘It is entirely unacceptable that you indulge in this behavior while you are at work’, I say, and you stop in surprise. Suddenly you are very embarrassed and cover up your crotch with your hands.

‘Don’t worry,’ I say, ‘I’m not a total bastard. It would be mean to stop you once you’ve started’. You smile and tilt your head back, and use your fingers to spread your pussy lips wide, then slowly lift your finger to draw your wetness into a slick strand that you spread onto your thigh.

You can see my hardness showing through my trousers and you realize that your punishment for this is not going to take a standard form. ‘Stand up. Take your panties off’, I instruct in a low voice, and you get to your feet and clumsily struggle to remove them.

‘Here’, I say, ‘Let me smell them’. They smell sweet from your arousal and they have a wet patch that has gone through to the outside. ‘How long have these been like this?’

‘Most of the day,’ you reply, ‘I get very horny when I see you working. I’m sorry’.

‘I can understand that,’ I say. ‘But there are appropriate ways for you to deal with it. In future, I want you to ask permission for you to be relieved of your arousal.’

‘I will, I’m really sorry’.

‘That’s OK. Roll these into a ball and place them in your mouth.’ You stuff your knickers into your mouth and your eyes widen a little.

‘Now turn around, and push your bottom out.’ I lift your skirt and let my fingers run up your thigh, squeezing your buttock and pulling your legs slightly further apart. I look down at the beautiful area where your stocking tops meet your thighs.

‘Bend over further, and stick your bum out further.’ I unzip my trousers and let my swollen cock spring out. You can feel it hard against your bottom and you unconsciously open your legs wider. I can smell your pussy and I let the head of my penis slide between your legs, slipping up and down your soaking cunt lips.

‘Now, in future, if you feel horny, you must come to my office and ask to be fucked. Is that clear?’

You nod hurriedly and make a sound through the gag.

‘If I’m busy, then you will just have to wait until I am free. You may not touch yourself in the meantime. Is that also clear?

Again with the noise through the gag. I assume you’re saying ‘yes, that’s clear’. I let the tip of my cock rub back and forth over your clit and you start to moan.

‘OK, so unless you have something to ask me, I want you to get back to work. Do you have something to ask me?’

‘Ntheth’ you mumble and nod furiously.

‘What is it?’ I ask.

‘ntheeth nthut nthee’

‘You will have to speak more clearly, I am getting very bored here’ I say mischievously.


‘I have no idea what you’re saying, you silly girl, but I need to get rid of this troublesome erection I have. I’m just going to use you for my pleasure, if that’s OK. Or if it’s not. Either way I just wish to use you for a few minutes.’ I plunge my thick cock into your hot wet pussy and it slides fully in straightaway.

‘Mmmnnnn’, you moan, and I slap your arse swiftly, saying, ‘keep your fucking voice down’. You nod and drop your head while I start to thrust rhythmically. You make a low pitched sound as I ram myself quickly into you and start to press your body up against the cistern.

‘I won’t take long, I have a conference call to get back for. I’m afraid I won’t be able to take care of you this time’ I say, as my thrusts increase in speed and I can feel my orgasm starting. However, I hadn’t anticipated how aroused you already are, and you buck your hips and groan out loud again as you cum. I slap your arse hard again and say, ‘Shut the fuck up, you silly bitch, I’ve told you’ and you gasp. I pull my cock out and you feel my hot cum spurt over your bum cheeks. I slap them with my still throbbing cock and smaller dribbles of cum drip onto you. I rub it all in and wipe my cock and hand on your skirt.

‘Now sort yourself out and get back to work’, I say. ‘Don’t put your panties back on. And don’t wipe my cum off your skirt. I want you to sit out there like that for the rest of the day. I’m sure everyone will be able to smell sex on you and see the stains on your clothes. God knows what they will think of you.’

You straighten your clothes, and mumble ‘thank you’ before squeezing past and going back to your desk.


Emma from Emmas Nlons lifts her skirt to show us her tanned fully fashioned stockings

January 11th, 2015

I arrive at building and make my way to reception.There I am greeted and inform the receptionist that I have a 2:00p.m appointment with Emma. She calls up,and you inform the receptionist to sent me up to your office. I am wearing a suit with documents under my arm to look as if I have something for you to sign, I also have no underpants on. At your office I greet you with a hand shake at first and say Hi as other people on the office floor are watching. You close the door,and your window shutters are already partly closed so no body can see through.

You have prepared for this meeting by wearing no panties,just stockings and a suspender belt,also no bra with a loose fitting shirt with collar turned up. You sit behind your desk on the edge of your chair,open your legs wide,and I get my head right between your legs as you put them up on your desk! While I fondle your breasts. I lick you with my tongue in a clockwise motion as you would masturbate with your two fingers,this stimulates you to come all wet very quick! I have my cock out also,come up and place your head on my head,you lick me and I come in a handkerchief.Give you a kiss on your cheek,dress,and leave the office,no words are spoken.Just actions.This all takes place in 10 minutes!


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January 8th, 2015

You may believe Jim Slip from United Kingdom Street Sluts the most fortunate dude inside the uk. This pornographer fucks one hot English slag after one more, something almost all males may only dream of. Furthermore it’s all filmed for Jim’s wonderful special web page United Kingdom Street Sluts. United Kingdom Street Sluts, is usually all about real British street amateurs on video. If you like cute adult females clothed in nylons, little skirts, large pumps getting banged, by grubby older men, then you’ve come in the correct spot! They really are almost all here, aged, youthful, taller, tiny, podgy plus thin, all with one thing in common. They would like to be able to get fucked on film. Jim Slip finds all these sluts as he wanders around the pavements uncontrolled, complete together with a cape as well as a secret videocamera, similar to some sort of character out of Victorian London. Like this delightful naughty female. Jim Slip fucks a stunning French Brunette who is wearing black lace stockings.

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January 5th, 2015

English women come in third in the Major 10 Most unfaithful wives On earth. unfaithful wives gets both unfaithful wives and the males that enjoy them, with each other. The UNLV article on cheating & relationships noted that The uk had cheating plus extramarital affairs cases at a rate of almost 50%, The country experiences a high rate of females being unfaithful. At unfaithful wives we’ve got swingers (including couples), cuckolding girlfriends or wives plus plain and simple cheating wives. Have a browse on the site & find out if you can find your spouse or maybe your mates spouse. Or simply join free of charge to uncover unfaithful wives today.

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January 2nd, 2015

The following movie is taken from facial shark. To get more videos such as this check out facial shark now. Your star in this red light sex trip motion picture is from Argentina where he operates some sort of bistro. Red Light Sex Trips excursion operators get sex visitors from worldwide on a guided tour in the Red Light Area inside Amsterdam and in addition they record almost everything they are doing on a disguised. digicam! Anyway, this specific guy enjoys, tiny slappers & these people discovered the ideal blend with this escort that is most likely on the list of sexiest hookers inside Amsterdam Red light area! Yet another video out of this incredibly great site. Should you reserve the sex trip to Amsterdam by using these men you get picked up around Amsterdam then they take anyone on a guided sex excursion on the Red Light Center past sex shops, coffee shops, peep shows and then the pre arranged red light centre prostitute.

Mature British wife Amazing Astrid

December 30th, 2014

Nylon fetish wife Astrid is a real favourite on nylon empire. The nylon blog where I took these pictures from. One of my fantasies would involve me coming to your office when everyone’s left, bending you over a desk, looking at your beautiful body, feeling my fingers and hands up your gorgeous smooth legs until I reach your warm, moist, ready pussy which I stroke by pulling your little panties aside and then, with you moaning with pleasure, I pull out my large, cut, throbbing cock from my suit trousers and push into you, listening to your pleasure, feeling your wetness, pulling your bum cheeks apart and with my balls slapping against your bare backside, making you cum. Then, you’ll stroke my hard balls really gently telling me how much you need me to cum inside you until I burst and shoot everything I have into your gorgeous wet and tight pussy.

I come in and we touch…embrace….caress….some nice, soft but meaningful kissing. You’re wearing a sexy short skirt along with those little panties I love and I know that I’m desperate to get to them but first things first :) The kissing has got us both aroused and, holding you close, you can feel how hard I’ve become. I get down on my knees while you stand and I work my way slowly up your gorgeous legs with my tongue and my fingers, feeling you gently as I go until with both hands, I lift your skirt and press my mouth against your groin, moving your panties aside and licking my tongue around your now very wet pussy, paying particular attention to sucking your hard clitoris. You start to moan and tell me how you want me inside you so I pull you to the floor, your legs wide apart and let you guide my hard cock into your gorgeous warm pussy.

I keep thinking about you masturbating…in the office toilet, having to keep quiet while you stroke your wet pussy and feel that sensation build up until you want to scream. I have nice smooth, thick, cut 9″ cock which i would love you to suck on while you tease my hard balls with your soft fingers, letting me move in your mouth and shoot my cum in you.

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December 27th, 2014

Tabitha is actually a genuine soccer mom. I enjoy it as soon as this amateur invites lots of guys around to be able to fuck her before this sluts husband. I like observing slutty Tabitha get satisfaction from additional adult males, it truly is a great powerful erotic fantasy many of us talk about. You can find Tabitha undertaking kinky live porn shows, with fingers, in addition to sexual intercourse with a lot more than just one men at the same time. Slutty Tabitha is additionally extremely bisexual & enjoys to play with some other females.

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