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July 28th, 2015

Well if I came to your office, I’d make you sit there on your desk and I’d sit on the seat opposite. I’d tell you to play with yourself. You would play with your pussy over your trousers, your wetness seeping through the suit. My erection would visible from inside my bottoms and this would make you even hornier. You’d use your other hand to play with your massive breasts, your nipples now hard and sticking out visibly too. As we’d both get ourselves horny as possible, you’d come from your desk, get on your knees and pull my trousers down to reveal my hard cock still being covered by my boxers. You’d start licking my cock from outside making it hard and ready for your mouth and after getting my cock ready, I’d uncover it onto your mouth so you can go as hard and as deep as you want. I’d grab your hair and push your face into my cock, making your face go ever so slightly red, but you’re enjoying every second of giving me this pleasure. I’d make you stop in the middle and pull you up and snog your face off, sticking my tongue into your mouth and having a wrestle with yours. I’d push you back down so you can suck it hard and fast. You’d stop and start licking my balls, taking them both into your mouth as I’d moan at the great sensation. As you’d get faster and faster my cock would be ready to cum and as I’d come I’d pull my cock a bit away from your face so I can shoot some of it in and some of it around your face. You’d swallow what you get and moan to show me you enjoy it while you’d lick the rest with your fingers and lips

Imagine I was your boss. Not the boss you have now. But me. Imagine I called you into my office and as you came in with your sexy wear, I ‘accidentally’ dropped something. You’d be more than happy to pick it up, bending over so very slowly so I get a great view of your arse, my first thoughts to grab it with my hands, but I hold back. As you come back up to give it to me, I ‘accidentally’ throw something else onto the floor but this time I decide to grab it, telling you to leave it, I get down and look up, peeking through your black shirt and onto your white panties, with the thought in my head of the sweet pussy behind it. I admire your legs through your sexy stockings all the way down to your heels, and as I stand up, I realize that we are pretty close to each other, me being able to feel your breath on my face. I feel my heart pounding as we both feel the sexual chemistry. I murmur ‘You look amazing’. You lean in, for a kiss and teasingly pull away my eyes closed from the anticipation. You chuckle and take my hand and then slowly place it on one of your breasts. I can feel the erect nipple in the palm of my hand


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July 25th, 2015

I would like to come up behind you quietly as you are sitting there at your desk , completely unaware that I am there . I will be standing behind you dressed in a blue suit with a beautiful south sea island shirt paired with a Hermes tie . You can smell my creed aftershave from where you are sitting but you resist the temptation to turn round , reveling in the anticipation .

Finally I move silently up behind you and bend down to move the hair from the back of your neck and expose the soft white nape of your neck . I bend down further and bite the back of your neck gently rolling your skin between my teeth . I am holding your head in between my hands so that you cannot turn around and you just have to submit to the delicious combination of pleasure and pain that i am subjecting you to .

Then suddenly I turn your head around and you can see me for the first time . you reach up towards my mouth with yours and our lips meet in an urgent crash of passion . Our tongues are deep inside each others mouths , feverishly exploring , twisting and turning as if with a life of their own .

Then I move around in between your chair and your desk and pull your hand towards my crotch . You can feel my hardening cock through the soft fabric of my suit and you start to get excited yourself . ” Suck it ” you hear me say and you reach up to pull the zipper down and with excitement in your breath you pull my hard cock out and lean forward to put your lips around the end . You can taste that masculine smell that turns you on oozing from the end of my cock and you reach round with both your hands to pull my hips in towards your face so that my cock is forced deep into your mouth as if I am fucking it .

I start to move my hips back and forth and fuck your open mouth gently at first but gradually getting harder and harder . Now I am holding your head firmly in my hands so that I can really fuck your face .

But I don’t want to cum – not yet at least . So i pull you up from your chair without a word and bend you , face down across your desk . Your tight short skirt is stretched tight across your peachy arse . I pull it up to your hips so that I can see your white panties and your stockings . Briefly , I reach in between your legs and I can feel just how wet you already are .Thats good – because I am now more than ready to fuck you now . I reach up and pull your panties down to your knees , tearing them apart in my hurry to expose your wet cunt for me .

Now I can see just how your excited you are . I can see your lips puffed up and red from the blood that is coursing through them . ” Fuck me now – hard ” I hear you say  . And with no further ado I place my hard cock at the entrance to your cunt and push it in . I hear you gasp slightly as you feel yourself get filled up so quickly and then as quickly as you are feeling full I pull my cock almost out before I plunge it back in .

Now you are being fucked in a frenzy . We know that someone could come in at any time so we are keen to reach our climax before we are interrupted .Thats why we are both still mainly clothed so that we can rearrange our things in a hurry if needed . I can feel the spunk starting to well up inside my balls and you in turn can sense that I am about to cum – and that in turn starts your own orgasm deep inside you . ” Come on you filthy bitch – I want you to come all over your desk ”

“Yes – I am going to come now – all over the desk so that I can smell it in the morning ” And then we are both shouting at each other , urging each other to come until suddenly in a big heap we collapse with you coating my spurting cock with your cum juices as together they leak out onto your desk We lie there catching our breath briefly before we stand up to reorganize ourselves so that we can get up and leave before we are caught . Maybe next time we will have to snatch a furtive shag in a meeting room with frosted glass even more quickly in partial view of your colleagues .

Secrtary in a long skirt with no panties but stockings and a garter belt in the office.

July 22nd, 2015

I want to take you to a dark sexy restaurant like Joel de Roubouchon where the lighting is soft and the decor is pure lust red and enjoy eating a beautiful meal where we share some of the dishes – perhaps I can feed you the occasional mouthful so that I can watch your tongue curl sensuously around the fork and I can imagine where it might curl later .

The downstairs restaurant there has high tables with kind of tall sexy bar stools – just perfect for you to show the right amount of your stockinged legs so that the other diners cant help looking across at you and wishing you were their dining companion and not their own boring partners . You cant seem to help getting turned on by the furtive looks you are getting from all around the room , knowing that half the diners in the place wish that they were going to be fucking you tonight – and that half doesnt only include the men ! You part your legs ever so slightly – just enough for me to see a little further up your thighs toards the lacy top of your stockings . You are enjoying the effect that you are having on me – turning me on but in such elegant surroundings that there is nothing that I can do about it . Or is there?

While the waiter is away at the other side of the room , I slip my hand slowly up in between your thighs and I can feel the heat coming from your pussy , even before I touch it . The fact that you are getting so turned on only gets me going even further . I reach across and whisper in your ear to follow me downstairs to the loo as soon as I have left .

Your eyes widen a little more – you cant quite believe what you have heard . And then before you can ask me to repeat it , I am gone and you are left with only your thoughts of what might be about to happen and the knowledge that faces of both men and women are glancing at you sideways , almost egging you on to go down and join me because they too seem to know what it going to happen .

So you get off the stool , almost a little unsteadily – is that the wine or is it that your legs are becoming a touch unsteady from the rush of blood to the head . Slowly you walk across the room , almost defiantly in front of your audience as they silently cheer you on – even the waiters seem to be keeping their distance as if not to disturb you . You walk down the stairs into the semi-darkness and just after your step down off the last tread you feel my hand grab you arm and pull your urgently towards the mens room on the right before anyone can see us ..

I push open the first cubicle door ( don’t worry , they are definitely big enough I can assure you ) and push you to sit down in front of me . I move right up close to you and force your legs wide open with mine so that your short skirt rides right up towards your waist , exposing your beautiful black lace panties framed by your stockings . I push your shoulders back towards the wall and lean down and at first I just breathe deeply through your underwear into your warm and now wet pussy . I can smell your sex on my nose and I can sense how turned on you are just by the way your legs are moving almost imperceptibly as I start to lick the outside of your panties .  You are starting to breathe more heavily now and suddenly , in one quick move , I pull your panties to one side and dive into your glistening sex with my tongue . You are still concentrating on me flicking your clit with my tongue when I push my finger gently but firmly up inside you and start to stroke the inside . Now you are beginning to get out of control and you reach for the back of my head and pull it in towards you as if to actually bring me inside you completely .

I know that you are about to come and that is all I want you to do right now . I speed up both my licking and my sliding as I can feel that you are about to erupt onto my tongue – which is the taste that I want to have so badly when I go back up . And then , suddenly , it all happens . Your release comes in a flood and you are struggling to bite your lip to help you not cry out with joy and relief . I am loving the taste of your cum on my lips and the knowledge that I was right upstairs when I thought how turned on you were . But we dont have any more time – at least not during dinner . So I quickly get up and , as I turn around to go back upstairs , I just say quietly – ” see you back at the table ”  and leave .

You are out of breath and you need to take a moment or two to regain your composure – after all you know that you are going to have to walk past all those same faces again and you need to look as if you havent just had the most almighty orgasm ! Gradually , you recover and you pull down your skirt to leave when an idea strikes you ….

When you come back across the room you are certain that everyone can see that you appear a great deal more flushed that when you went down but there is nothing you can do about it – they are only jealous really after all ! As you sit back on your stool , you lean across to me and you whisper that we had better hurry up with dessert because you are going to give me the return match of my life when we get back to the hotel .


StMackenzies college girl in black stockings

July 19th, 2015

Occasionally a different pantyhose or maybe lingerie website comes along that should just knock back your head. It can show case a few of the most popular sluts flashing in incredible costumes as well as uniforms & quickly allow you to get enslaved by their own selection of pictures and videos. We have discovered a web site called st mackenzie’s and we are gratified to say this really is just one of these web sites.

The thought of st mackenzie’s will be great, a institution full of exhibitionist women individuals along with every bit as hot teachers. It is the porn equal of St Trinian’s, the place where the college students put on the actual standard fantasy uniform of shirt, small skirt, stockings plus high heels. They have frequently recently been in trouble and frequently need penalising, which unfortunately requires these people being forced to strip off.

To put it succinctly, this site is about slutty college girls in slutty uniforms with hose in addition to suspenders. There’s sometimes different fetish porn as well, for example nurses plus instructors. These young ladies pose on their own, in twos, or within groups. We can consider exactly what naughtiness genuinely continues, when the lighting goes out in their rooms. There is possibly the prospective for some hot action involving younger in addition to more mature models set in the taboo foundation of the boarding institution.

The actual st mackenzie’s girls look amazing whenever they add pantyhose and various clothes. You can find a substantial amount of nylons among the content on the webpage which includes f/f, opaque as well as fishnet hose. Another highlight is an abundance of wonderful young women wearing knee length socks in the college uniform.


Lana gets herself tied up and has a cock put in her mouth

July 16th, 2015

Can you imagine you at the office on your own with your business suit, nylons and no knickers. I unbutton your trousers from behind and start to rub your anus and pussy through your nylons, feeling you getting moister and moister. I bend you over your desk, pull your nylons just down over your buttocks and continue fingering and stroking your crotch. Every now and then I stop, wait a few seconds, and then give your ass a good spank.

By now your nylons are soaking and your ass throbbing. I turn you around, take off your top and bra and pull you down to your knees by your hair and instruct you to suck my dick hard. Holding your hair back as you almost choke on my cock, it’s going back and forth, deeper and deeper as you gasp for breadth. Then I bend you over your desk and take you hard from behind, while spanking your ass – now quite red. As you come I whip you around, straddle you and tif fuck your gorgeous breast to explosion – your face and breasts covered in my cum.


Mistress Red and her two lesbian stocking slaves

July 13th, 2015

I call you up to my office and when you enter I am sat at my desk. There is a seat opposite me. I ask you to shut the door and take a seat. As you cross the room to the chair you notice my gaze linger a little bit too long on your body; but maybe you just imagined that. Once sat I look into your eyes and tell you I need to discuss your performance. I ask you how you feel things are going and as you start to talk I get up and walk around the desk and behind you. Continue speaking I tell you. I pace behind you then stop. You can tell I am looking over your shoulders at your legs and your breasts. I’d like to make you a star performer I whisper in your ear as my fingers gently run over your neck and onto your shoulder. Would you like that I ask. You feel moist lips upon your neck I would very much like you to suck my cock. I’d love to hold your head to make you take it deep into your mouth. I am told the head of my cock is quite thick; I’m no judge as I don’t go around comparing it to others. I ought to warn you that I don’t cum quickly so you will be sucking it for a while.

I’d also like to hold you down over a desk and fuck you from behind. I’d like to get deep inside you with every thrust and make you come repeatedly. I like to control the pace so I can make you come at will. That’s my will obviously. I’d like to sit you on my desk, open your legs, pull your knickers to one side and finger you until you were nice and wet. Then I’d like to kneel down and tongue fuck you. Then  I’d pull your legs up onto my shoulders and push my throbbing cock deep inside you and fuck you hard. However before reaching the point of no return I would withdraw from you, pull you up from the desk, push you to your knees and make you finish me with your wet mouth, allowing me to pump my hot cum down your throat.


Office girl in a pencil skirt & ff stockings strips on her desk

July 10th, 2015

If I were to visit your office next week there’s one fantasy I’d love to make reality. I find the idea of teasing you and fucking you while you fill in for your boss on a conference call such a turn on. Locked in a meeting room I’d unzip your skirt and slide it down over your hips as you log into the call, cupping and caressing your curves before helping you out of your white cotton panties and gently kissing the backs of your thighs and you introduce yourself on the call, I’d turn you and slowly lay you down over the desk. Kissing you long and deep as the agenda is read out quickly, my hard cock pressing against your tingling exposed pussy. Then, as you begin to explain something complicated on the call I’ll slip down between your soft creamy thighs and looking up into your big beautiful eyes begin to slowly lick your juicy pussy.

I would love you on your knees in your office…..blouse tugged open, mouth hungrily sucking on my cock taking me deeper into your mouth as I tug your hair and tell you what a hot horny slut you are. Then, I’ll bend you over your desk, gently finger and tease you for a few minutes while I spank your arse. Making your gasp before taking your tight wet pussy from behind…reaching round to fondle your tits as I fuck you harder and deeper. How much do you want me to pull out and let you suck the cum from my balls or slowly stroke my cock in front of you so that I shoot all over your pretty face.

Did the hot sun leave your pussy tingling and horny under your bikini baby? You have a gorgeous body imagine being my little office plaything…sitting across the room from me, knowing I’m looking at you and knowing I have the remote control for the little butterfly vibrator I tied on to you, just rubbing your clit, after giving you a long slow licking in the store cupboard this morning.

movie of a very hot scretary stripping down in the office

July 7th, 2015

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Thoughts involving alluring Fantasies in pantyhose as well as hot workplace costumes is definitely brought to life on only secretaries which is definitely just what exactly makes the particular website stand out as one of a kind. Over a typical morning in the office it is really tough to be able to focus at the office girls, however as a fellow member of only secretaries not simply is it possible to stare, but you could wank. You simply can’t let that happen at the office.

The secretaries appear in brand-new along with naughty outfits within the office surroundings, the material will from time to time diverge, that is meant to show the women out of their place of work garments. Nonetheless, you ought to please note how the internet site is mostly non nude plus focussed on clothed office ladies as opposed to bare ones.

There could come a period when only secretaries will be adequate for yourself. Any time this comes about, it’s nice to know that there’s a web site exhibiting a lot of the most wonderful Uk office assistants. They begin with being dressed in office gear then strip to their hot lingerie and panties.

Emma looks fucking hot in this pencil skirt, glasses and black stockings

July 4th, 2015

Well it s late in the day, people starting to pack up and leave the office. The boss has gone and you are almost all alone to finish up the filing. You go about your business in the usual way but something feels different. Like someone is watching you. You turn around quickly but no one is there. As you turn back you feel it again and decide to fulfill a little fantasy by putting on a show for your imaginary voyeur. As you file you bend a little further and expose more stockinged leg from under your tight black skirt, from behind you imagine then watching you. As you go a hint of stocking top and surrender is revealed for your guest. As the very bottom draws are needed you straight down allowing your legs to drift apart, revealing inner thigh and a flash me pure white pantie. As the fantasy washes over you you trail a finger up your leg. Surprisingly you find your panties are getting damp and the heat from your pussy turns you on even more. Suddenly conscious of your surroundings again you decide to take 5 minutes to yourself. Straightening your skirt and blouse you also realize your nipple are hard and showing. Head down you make a bee line for the toilets. You push the door open and step through. As the door is closing a hand grips your wrist. I have been watching you for some time now a voice says. Unable to reply from the shock of being discovered the voice bundles you into the ladies.

Once in the ladies you are pushed up against via walk. Your lips are forced together as a rough hand makes its way up from between your knees, forcing your legs apart.As it progresses upwards your head rolls back and you sigh deeply letting him roam over your body. If kisses down you neck and into your cleavage. As you reach to undo your blouse he beats you to it. Ripping it open, buttons flying all over the floor. If mauls your boobs in your bra before scooping them our and sucking each nipple in turn, drawing it into a hard flushed point. His hand is stroking your pussy, wetness soaking the gusset. Your hand is at his crotch, a fully hard 8 inches straining to be released. As you undo his flies your panties are ripped from you and 2 fingers pushed roughly into your dripping pussy. He fingers you to the point of climax as you stroke his cock. If then stops. His kisses moving down until his tongue flicks your clit.


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July 1st, 2015

This site seriously isn’t just full of naughty penis teasers, it is also filled with naughty fetishes including nylons, hosiery, lingerie along with hot uniforms plus you can find lots of this content! The actual content goes to 2001 and lately you will find no less than 3 to five updates every single day. The web site guarantees that many. I’m certain every one loves discovering brand-new women daily, as well as at the very least well known young ladies in new images in addition to videos, on just about every visit.

Containing sexy softcore pictures and movies, This site is really a wonderful web site to be teased. The young ladies will be playful and also teasing and also the videos along with pictures are continually classy. only tease stresses nylons, pantyhose, nighties and uniform fetishes, even though it looks like quite a few young women go partially nude in addition to naked at the same time, yet once again this material is much more sexy than very revealing. This website can be pretty fluffy, but the very good news is in the event tease will be all an individual really want, and then generally there would seem a lot fewer sites to find so much of it compared to this website. This lady out of only tease in black stockings

Watch this sub in stockings punished by her mistress

June 28th, 2015

Danni will be our brand new servant girl. I’m training her to become the dungeon slut and to service me personally plus my men friends. Even so the coaching didn’t start well, for the reason that on the initial day of the slaves training, Danni was delayed. All 5 minutes delayed to be precise. So the 1st session had been to ensure this slave understood to never end up being late. The simplest way to show her appeared to be to offer her rearend a superb beating. Thus I had the sub stripped naked apart from some dark nylons and bent over the horse. I subsequently make use of different implements to whack her rear end with.

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Mistress and her made both in stockings

June 25th, 2015

You could be wearing a tight, short skirt, tight fitting blouse, short jacket and high heels; and you could be wearing very sheer tights. You would hold my gaze as you walk about the office. When you sit down in front of me and cross your legs, your skirt rides up. I can’t help myself looking at your legs and spying the sexy triangle outlined by your thighs and taught skirt. I ask myself if you are wearing any panties. Before I can answer our eyes meet.

Then you get up and walk towards the Board room. It is reserved for special meetings and is seldom used. Your figure flows. How can I resist following you? Closing the door we are safe from interruption. I suggest you take off your skirt. This reveals your beautiful, slim and shapely figure. I undo the bottom buttons of your blouse and tie the ends at your waist. Now standing there in high heels, a short jacket and sheer tights without panties you look incredibly sexy. I am so horny. You walk around the table. I get so hard. You produce a pair of scissors. I take them and very carefully make a small incision in your tights, where access is required. You stand with your legs apart and I kiss your exposed flesh. As I lick you and caress you with my tongue your natural scent is so alluring. My mouth follows you as you writhe with pleasure. After your release you sit and lie back on the table, the perfect height for me to place my hands under you and bring you to me.

I’d love it if you gave me some oral! Just as I would love giving you some, especially as I hitch up your skirt around your waste and lay you back on the desk. With your legs in the air it’s such a turn on to see you wearing stockings with high heels pointing upwards. I love your natural scent as I gently kiss your pussy lips, then roll up my tongue and push it inside you. Your lips are swollen and open up. Oh that’s a really sexy view! I come back for more. Licking and kissing and caressing your pussy, and gently nuzzling your clit with my tongue and teeth. You are so wet. I suck you and play with you. Sighing softly at first, your moans grow louder and turn me on. You move your pussy to enhance your pleasure. Gradually your ecstacy increases, and I love burying my head between your thighs. Eventually you shudder in release, trying in vain to contain a shriek as intense feelings of pleasure shoot
through your body.

Your eyes still closed, I roll you over. Now you are bent over the desk. How sexy you look in stockings and heels, with your skirt up and arse in the air. I spank you with my hands. You let out a sharp breath. I spank you again and you moan. My cock is stiff. You sigh with pleasure as I enter you. I’m so aroused. I bury my cock in your sweet, moist pussy. I fuck you hard. You feel exquisite. I change the rhythm and move the angle of penetration, exploring you inside with my cock. Working up the pace I can contain myself no longer and cum inside you.



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