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May 17th, 2015

I’d love to visit you in your empty office. You’d invite me in, ask me to sit down, give me a coffee, then sit back while we talked about business.

Of course, my mind wouldn’t be on business. My eyes would be wandering over your blouse, and I’d be wondering if I could glimpse a little hardening of the nipples underneath. My eyes would travel down over your body, taking in the tightness of your skirt, noticing the outline of the suspenders showing through.

A little lower, wondering if that was a tantalizing glimpse of flesh at the top of your black stockings as you crossed your legs… Would you realise what effect you were having? Would you be looking to see whether there was a tell-tale bulge in my trousers?

Would you want to make sure? Maybe you’d uncross your legs to see if I had a reaction… Let them drift open slightly… Would I be able to resist looking?

Of course not. What would I discover? A mere hint of tan thigh at the top of the nylon, with the suspender belt pulled tight… I’d be hard, and you’d probably be able to see my cock throbbing in my trousers. You’d be getting wet by now, and wouldn’t be able to resist teasing a little more. You’d let your thighs open wider, so I could see almost all the way up to the tight cotton panties, pulled into your moist pussy…

I wouldn’t be able to keep myself from staring. You’d realize that you were going too far, and close your legs. But you’d be turned on, too. So you’d excuse yourself, and slip off to the bathroom, where you’d be ready to slip a finger inside to bring yourself off, give yourself a little relief…

But then the stall door would open, and I’d be standing there, watching. You’d be frozen with shock, and couldn’t move. I’d step in, push the door closed, and pull you towards me, not letting you say a word while my mouth covered your lips, and my tongue pushed into your mouth.

My hand would slide up under your skirt, straight to the wet panties, and pull them aside. I’d slip one, two, three fingers inside, teasing your clit, making you gasp, then I’d turn you round and pull the skirt up over your bum.

You’d hear my zip open, and you’d feel the weight of my stiff, quivering cock on your cheeks. Then it would slip down, brushing against the wet lips of your pussy, not going in yet. You’d be moaning loudly now, pleading with me to put it in, where you need it. But I’d tease you a little longer, making you wait while I brushed it back and forward against your pussy, cupping your breasts and squeezing your nipples…

Ready yet? Ok, in we go, very, very slowly, so you can feel my rigid tool throbbing inside you, with your pussy gripping and quivering around it.

Then out almost all the way, leaving just the tip slipping back and forth against the open, slippery lips, making you moan even more.

So all the way in again, and then harder and faster, pulling your hips against me so you start to build the rhythm…

Then stop. I pull almost all the way out again. You can barely stand it. I tell you to push back against me, while I stand still. So you start to grind back on me, your pussy working around my cock. You’re controlling the speed and the rhythm, and you’re soon ready to cum. I thrust deep into you, and you feel me grab your hips and pull you back. You cum and the shuddering brings me off, then you feel me spurt and cum again yourself…

We should have more business meetings…

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May 14th, 2015

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May 11th, 2015

so next week i would come round, bringing the champagne again as you seemed to enjoy it so much. this time you would already be hot through anticipation as soon as our eyes meet we kiss in a way you haven’t been kissed in a long time i slowly unbutton your blouse and begin to kiss your neck and work my way down undoing your bra and exposing your lovely full breasts, your nipples already hard so i drizzle a little champagne which runs tantalizingly down you curves i lick and suck your tits by now my dick is rock hard, you pull my hair so i stand up and then you slowly get to your knees and take down my trousers fondling and rubbing my big cock, looking straight into each others eyes you take me in your mouth sucking hard whilst not being able to resist the temptation to slide your fingers inside yourself, after a few moments of Ecstasy i decide it is your turn, this time we slip off your sexy little skirt and i begin licking around your pussy whilst you are still wearing those white panties now soaking wet so i tear those off and begin to hungrily fuck your pussy with my tongue going deep and licking and sucking until neither of us can resist anymore you put you hands on my shoulders as i slide inside you this time taking slow hard thrusts we are now kissing and intertwined in wild passion, i fondle your amazing tits, we quickly move into your bosses chair and you ride me like a sexy cowgirl, screaming and moaning with pure pleasure. you then whisper in my ear that you have been a bad girl and need to be punished so you kneel down in front of me and suck my cock again at this point i can’t take anymore and unload all in your mouth you love being a dirty little bitch and swallow it all down, this time one session just isn’t enough though so this time we continue fucking all night until we are both exhausted.

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May 8th, 2015

In suburban amateurs You will get many of the sexiest, nearly all unlikely adult personalities England provides. All these ladies include the type you’ve just strolled past if you have been on your way to the office, or getting the kids to school. These kind of ladies stay home when their partners will be in work all day long, and just what exactly do they do? They will have fun with their cunts, these sluts as well pose for any camera.

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Only Carla wearing an all black outfit including a leather skirt and black stockings

May 5th, 2015

So you are inviting me to come and see what the office is like when no one is around. I walk in and I see you in your sexy black stockings and that nice tight short skirt .. I can see the suspender belts and love the sound of your high heals. So the boss is away today, you going to show me his office now?

I sit at the huge desk and tell you if I was the boss I would so much enjoy asking you to do things, especially if it means that you walk away and walk back and I can hear those high heals making that noise which just makes my cock harden. I notice your panties are not thongs and ask you to come closer to where I am sitting. I slip my hands under your skirt and slowly pull your panties down…. ‘now that’s better go walk away let me see the view now; Your ass looks so edible without panties.. i pick you up and place you on your bosses desk, your short skirt rides up your thighs and i get on my knees and start to gently kiss your thighs making m way up to your warm wet spot, i get a taste and i pull my head up and tell you ;i bet your boss never does this to you’… I ask you to spread them wide for me and this time i take a long dive, licking up and down, left and right, nibbling and sucking… i pull you so you slide down further and start to lick your neither ,,, you know that area which is not the pussy and neither your ass,,, my tongue is going everywhere and not leaving any spots without a shine.

I gently slide my pointing finger inside your pussy, this happens while i continually lick and suck you, now be a good girl and show me how wet you can get my face. I move another finger inside and have the thumb teasing your ass and with my other hand am holding your lips upwards and apart and sucking on your clit, I don’t stop until I feel warm juices dripping along with some moans and twitches..

Nice, I pick you up and place you in my seat and I stand in front of you drop my pants and ask you if now you are going to take care of your boss? I enjoy you taking me deep down your throat stronger and faster more wet and sloppy until I almost can not take it anymore,, at that point I ask you to stop and to assume the position. ‘You know the position that I know you love so much’ I whisper and breath in your ear and tell you, bend over, keep that skirt on but do bend over.

As I bend you over the desk you feel my hard cock tracing your backside and teasing you, I see you opening wider and wider for me, begging for it… So finally with one push I let it all slide inside very deep inside and stay like this for a few seconds, before I slowly slide it almost out and then back deep and hard inside.. I do this a couple of time before I catch a rhythm and start pounding the entire wet shiny length deep inside and back almost outside and so on,, I reach over and pull your hair back, I can see you face in the mirror opposite us and that look just got me so hot.. ‘you like it?’ yes I know you do..

Your pussy feels so good but I can not hold it much longer so I pull out and I ask you where would you like this big load?, before you have a chance to answer I turn you around and tear you blouse open and spray my warm cum all over you tits, some of it catches you chin and neck and for a second I collapse on top of you.. I kiss you gently again and tell you how hot you are. I know your boss has a shower in his bathroom, I say we take a shower together now, I want to use my tongue as your sponge


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May 2nd, 2015

I am crazy about a professional woman in nice tight clothes dressed all sexy and making necks turn, well mine will be turning for sure! If I was there and was feeling a little brave, since I see you looking so sexy in that short skirt and that white top, I would come up to you while you are sitting at your desk and come up with some stupid excuse to talk to you.. I would ask you something that was so obviously not important as I get very close to you. Now you are sitting and I am standing so at your eye level you will see a bulge in my pants and I will make no effort to hide it, flaunting it in your face and acting like I don’t know, all while I trace you sexy body shamelessly while I watch you lick your lips and look up at me. When you stand up I barely give you room to stand without brushing against me. You will walk to the toilet to masturbate, I take another direction but then you find me at the toilet. I tell you I realize you are a married woman, but ask if I can join you. Don’t worry no touching I will touch me and you can touch you, am just dying to see the look in your eyes as you do. Before you get a chance to answer, we slip into a toilet stool, and we can hear someone coming in to use the restroom. At this point I start to trace my cock with my fingers from over my pants and you relax sit down and start to touch your thighs and make your way up your thighs. We can hear someone washing their hands and are looking at one another and smiling. I unzip my pants and pull my very hard cock out and am masturbating and looking down at you as you start to do the same. We try not to breath very heavily and it is getting really hot as I see your white panties are soaked and you have now pulled them down to your ankles. You bite your lip and shut your eyes and that just makes me go over the edge and a big load bursts out spraying the wall as you let a small cry out and squeeze your thighs together.
We both smile at one another, I bend down and kiss your neck and whisper and breath in your ear as I reach down and touch your wetness “Next time I want to taste you, it will be more difficult to keep it quiet but my tongue will eel good just like your fingers did” I look deep in your eyes and kiss your lips. I stand up again my cock inches away from your face I tuck it into my boxer briefs and pull up my pants wink at you and walk out of the women’s toilets before another person comes in to use it and sees me in the public area.


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April 29th, 2015

The following female is from suburban sluts. To begin with, I need to mention that this is a web-site from the UK, therefore each of the ladies on it have British accents, which inside my own mind causes it to be much superior without a doubt. What is more, these babes usually are true amateurs and though some may not be as refined as porn stars, we nonetheless appreciate them.

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April 26th, 2015

In my building there is a stairwell that hardly anyone uses since there is an elevator. I want to sneak out there and meet you. It is dark most of the time. I hide in the shadow by the stairs waiting for you. When you get there, I come up behind you pulling you towards me. You don’t see anything but my hands. My hands on your breasts as I bring you closer to my body you start to scream but then stop when you feel my hard hot cock pressed against your ass cheeks over your tight little skirt. I lift up the skirt to get a better contact and slowly dry hump your butt crack over your white panties as I fondle your breasts. We say nothing. Just the groans and heavy breathing. Then I reach up and feel your moist panties. You can almost see my smile in the dark. I slide your panties to the side and the move my cock head to your waiting outer pussy lips. Then in one swift thrust I slide deep into you, filling you, stretching you–oh it feels so  good the way it feels inside your tight hot pussy. You bend over on the stair rail now and I slide it in and out of you from behind. Still in the dark we move into each other in desperate passion. The rhythm increases now as I fuck you faster and faster. Like crazed animals we both fight for that glorious climax. Faster and faster I give you that throbbing hard cock of mine deep and hard. You squeeze it in you as I go deeper and deeper. Finally we can’t hold back any longer. You scream as you cum I also explode spurting inside you filling you as your pussy overflows –cum slides down your inner thighs. I hold you tight as we shudder in our mutual climax. Then suddenly you pull away and walk down the stairs, readjusting your panties.


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April 23rd, 2015

I would love to take a peek up your skirt and see your wet panties. My cock is hard under my desk here just thinking about it. If your office is free next week I could come over and we could have some fun. Maybe I could bend you over your desk, kneel down and start kissing your ankles, then slowly move up your legs until i am licking your sexy thighs. You are bent right over and i hitch up your skirt to see your skimpy wet panties. I gently spank your arse with my big masculine hands until you are begging me to stop. I pull your knickers off and slip my fingers under your skirt and into your soaking wet pussy, rubbing your clit, my other hand round your breasts, fondling your erect nipples.

Your pussy is soaking wet and you want me to enter you. I turn you round and kiss you gently on your lips. Then more passionately and deeply. I kiss your neck and move down to your breasts, licking one nipple at a time. My cock is rock hard and I unzip my trousers, you start fondling it and rubbing me, but I am longing to lick your pussy juices, so down on my knees I go again until my tongue is right inside you, licking and lapping up your tasty juices. You beg me to fuck you, so I enter you, gently at first, we rock backwards and forwards, then harder and faster I pump your pussy, ah ah ooh I’m cumming inside you.

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April 20th, 2015

stockingaces is really a stocking web site that features old girls, however, not every one of the ladies are with the mature variety, nonetheless about fifty percent of them get into the milf or perhaps G. I. L. F group. It may not necessarily seem like there are a lot of movies to start with, however click on any thumbnail of any female and you’ll see that there is usually various films of her.

Most notably we certainly have the nylons, that there are many styles and also colors which the girls have on. We are a fan of the standard dark stockings and suspender belt, consequently I was content to discover an abundance of ladies putting on this very getup.

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April 17th, 2015

I really like nylons, yet just lately I’ve also began to savor rubber clothing in particular while i am actively playing together with balloons. Most people basically likes the balloon. They really are brilliant plus bouncy plus stupidly pleasant. They could float, they will produce a loud sound when popped. I really like this feel and also noise when a balloon rubs next to the rubber. I additionally adore to rub balloons on my own panties and hosiery covered thighs. With this movie, I am fitted within this very sexy rubberized nurse costume plus lingerie & I have fun with various balloons.visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

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April 14th, 2015

vintage flash tailor make all their stockings porn, vintage flash fashion all of them, select the actual lady and precisely what she wears. Sometimes she will put her own alluring style using things of her own, everything adds towards naughty fun of any vintage flash pictures! What ever the model, vintage flash generally make use of some underwear nylons along with alluring shoes in each scene. Pics are usually in several sizes, with as much as 1800×1200 pixels. You may also down load photo packages as Zip data files, or perhaps enjoy as a slide demonstrate. vintage flash movies are in wmv file format, accessible in two sizing’s to suit your bandwidth and demands.

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