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September 22nd, 2014

I love women in uniform and so had to show you this women in uniform that I took from uniform women blog. As you come through the open door, I’ll be behind you. The door closes and my left hand quickly covers your mouth to suppress the scream while my right arm curls around your slim body, pulling you against me. You turn your head slightly and see that it is me. I feel your tension release, your body start to shake with pleasure rather than fear. Your breath on my hand is hot, fast and shallow. My lips softly caress your bare neck. I slowly unbutton your shirt all the waist, then slip my fingers inside the opening. Your skin is soft and warm and I can feel your heart beating hard. Slowly I move my hands up, over your firm, smooth breasts. Your nipples are like two small pebbles, hard and fully erect, and I squeeze them firmly between my fingertips. I pull your shirt off your shoulders, down your arms to your wrists. As I do so, I pull your arms behind you, trapping them in your shirt sleeves so you cannot move them. I lick and softly nibble the flesh of your shoulders. You feel the moisture from my hot, wet tongue on your skin, then the chill as I blow softly over it. Your back arches and you turn your face towards me enough for our lips to meet. I kiss you slowly. Deeply. Pressing my body against yours, you can feel my full erection throbbing against your hands. You unzip my trousers and slip your fingers inside to feel the heat of my manhood, the first wetness of pre-cum on the tip. As we kiss, I unzip your skirt. As it falls to the floor, my hands slip inside your small, white panties. Your pussy feels smooth and wet, the lips already swollen and soft. Your clit bulges invitingly and my fingertips rub slowly over it, then down, tracing the shape of your lips and gently rubbing them between two fingers. I pull away from you slightly, then bend you over and kneel behind you with my hips between hour ankles. In a single quick movement, your panties are ripped away and my hot, wet tongue slips to and fro over your oozing pussy lips. Very slow, very wet licks, all the way from your clit to your anus. A slow, steady rhythm of licking, first around one side, then the other. Now and then I allow my tongue to push between them and taste your honey as it drips. Your legs shake slightly. Your body moves slowly back and forth as I continue to tease and excite you. As you look down, you can see my cock, stiff and hard, engorged with blood and glistening at the end. Your hands are buried in my hair, just as my face is buried in your pussy. I feel your fingers curl and uncurl as you rub them against my scalp. Your arse twitches as I lick. Your juices run freely from your swollen pussy, trickling down your inner thighs. I lick away the wetness, revelling in your obvious arousal. I stand behind you now. My cock is hard against your buttocks, pressing between them. I unbutton your cuffs and pull your shirt off, releasing your hands. You turn towards me and we kiss as my cock slides against your clit. You push me down enough to feel the warm embrace of your pussy lips as they open to accept me. I slip inside you easily, your wetness lubricating my way in. A long, slow penetration, filling you from side to side and end to end with hot, male meat. I push inside you until I feel my cock pressing against the top of your waiting cunt. You gasp slightly as I push just a little harder, then I pull my cock all the way out again until it slides, very wet and slippery over your pussy lips. Then I push it very slowly all the way back inside you again. I feel your hands on my back, pulling me towards you. I grab your buttocks and squeeze them very tightly, pulling them open slightly and letting my fingers slip down between them as my cock slides in and out of you. Your thighs are slightly wet with perspiration. Your chest is heaving. I take your nipple between my lips, then let my whole mouth cover your breast, sucking it hard up inside and licking your nipple to and fro. Harder and faster now, building a rhythm, our hips move together, maximising the pleasure of our mutual thrusting. Every time my cock slides into you, my pelvis rubs against your clit. I feel you tighten inside, feel your body shake and stiffen, then relax, feel your juices gush from you, creating a small puddle on the floor. It’s all I need to bring me to orgasm, too. Spurting, gushing orgasm inside you. Every thrust now creates a spurt of our mixed juices from your open pussy, dripping down our legs. I hold you tightly as we stop moving. I feel your chest heaving, your hot breath on my neck. I kiss your lips again, cradling your face in my hands. We stay there for some minutes, basking in our heat. Want more women in uniform? Then visit this blog here


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September 19th, 2014

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September 16th, 2014

As I walk into the office, my eyes would catch yours. Seeing the absolutely sexy attire that you have on I would be drawn to you. I would come over and strike up a conversation, innocent at first but becoming more and more sexual with every sentence. Building up my confidence I would then complement you on how hot the short black skirt you are wearing is, teasing you that I wand to see more. I reach for your hand and you allow me to take it. I direct you straight to the bathroom. Once inside I am all over you, just like you are all over me.. I kiss you passionately whilst unbuttoning your shirt.I then start kissing my way down your neck, progressively getting lower and lower until I come to your waistline, when i start to unzip your skirt. It falls to the floor and I step back to admire your stockings clad legs and behind…. My hands couldn’t help themselves and I would find myself toughing you all over. Soon your stockings and panties would be off and I would raise you up onto the basin, and start kissing my way down your legs, on the way back up I kiss your inner thighs.

By now your are dripping wet and I begin to lick you, making you moan and call out… Ignoring the moans I continue with my tongue until you start quivering, with a sigh of relief your body relaxes and you slump against the bench and the mirror on the wall. Whilst redressing I suggest you come up with an excuse to work late tonight and let you know that I intend to come back after hours and bend your over your desk and fuck you to multiple orgasms


Naughty Mili Jay from Art Lingerie only in pink lingerie and tan stockings

September 13th, 2014

Although yesterday you were in a short black skirt, I quite like the sound of your tight pencil skirts. Initially I would really enjoy admiring your movements around the office, particularly your bottom. Wondering at this stage whether your nyloned legs are proper stockings or tights.

Then I notice what just might be the clasps from your suspenders showing through when you’re bent over reaching into the filing cabinet. I intentionally brush past you with the back of my hand to confirm my suspicion. When it then becomes clear that you have messed up my appointment with the bosses and scheduled for me to be there when they are all out I have no option other than to suggest that such inefficiencies are not acceptable and perhaps if I spanked your bottom you wouldn’t make the mistake again?

My real aim here is simply to get that perfectly formed, skirt covered bottom stretched across my lap, well aware that were you to take up that position you’d detect my erection. Whether your skirt is short or pencil, I assume both styles are pretty tight and soon I reach for the zip to remove it. I can now admire your underwear in all its glory - white satin deep suspender belt holding on to those silky smooth stockings, and a matching pair of full-back panties. The desire to spank your panty-clad cheeks changes to more of a caress and soon the focus of my attention shifts to the gusset between your legs. As I rub your mound, up and down, varying between several fingers and just one I feel the heat or arousal coming off you. The urge to have you across a spare desk begins to rise. But not yet

So many options fill my mind, wandering between the vision of penetrating you still with your panties on, gusset pushed to one side, or removing them so that you can watch me play with them first in my fingers then wrapped around myself half wanting to soil them properly before putting them back on you.

But with your panties removed, bent over the desk, while playing with you it is hard to avoid my thumb from teasing your anus bringing your state of arousal even higher. My erection is now almost to the point where it hurts and relief is in desperate need. You move yourself about making it clear that you want to take me in your mouth

Breathtaking Mia from Only tease slowly removes her polka dot minidress revealing white stockings.

September 10th, 2014

If your office was empty…. I would come over with some important papers and find you all alone… I would ask for so and so, he is not there, just you and me. You would offer me a drink and we would go into the kitchen. As you bent over to get the milk from the fridge you would make sure that I could see your skirt riding up and see the top of your suspenders. I take this as a signal, even more so when i catch you having a sneaky glimpse at my growing erection in my trousers. I follow you out of the kitchen and watch your bum in your tight skirt wiggle, a little on purpose… you know you are turning me on!

You perch on the edge of your desk and drink your tea. I sit opposite you and see your legs crossed and swinging. You have slyly undone a couple of buttons of your blouse and i can see a glimpse of your boobs and the top of your bra…. you know what you are doing to me and can see my erection. I have to reach down and adjust my cock as it is getting uncomfortable and you watch with lust in your eyes. As I look up again i notice you have uncrossed your legs and they are a little apart. I can see your stocking tops and the beautiful smooth flesh of your inner thigh. We have gone beyond the point of no return. I tell you I like your stockings and you ask me if I want to see a little more. You open your legs a little more and i can see your cute white panties. I comment that they look a little wet and therefore tasty. You look down to check and they are. I begin to rub my cock through my trousers as you run a finger up your pussy through your panties and then put your wet sticky finger in my mouth. I taste your pussy juice and ask if i can have some more….. at this you pull your skirt up, lie back on the desk and I pull your skirt all the way up and lick your inner thighs tracing my tongue up until I taste your pussy through your panties… taste your wet pussy juice… I can see you hard clit through your panties and give it a little flick with my tongue.

Only Secretaries Stevie slips out of the black minidress to show us her black stockings

September 7th, 2014

I love panties, ok I love to remove the panties as well, but I do love seeing a babe in panties. Thats why I love panty fetish blog and I had to show you this great panty fetish movie from this blog.  would love to be there right now…. I would walk into the office for a meeting and you would look up from your desk and see me….we would make eye contact, maybe a quick smile then you would notice my eyes lower down to your tits and your eyes would lower to my bulge, my twitching erection. I would then go into the meeting thinking of you and you would stay at your desk, with your panties getting a little wet, and your hands desperate to reach down and play with your self. I would think of how I would like to undress you during the meeting.

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Betty Paige opens the robe, showing she is only wearing panties, stockings and high heels

September 4th, 2014

fuck me you look hot in your heels… for some reason I’m moved to follow you down the corridor, my cock is getting hotter and harder as I walk and as you get closer to the door you suddenly stop and look me deep in the eye holding your mouth slightly open so I can see your silky tongue. I stop in my tracks, my cock now so hard you can see my trousers bulging… you hold one finger up indicating that I wait right where I am while you disappear into the Ladies. Five seconds later you pop back out and beckon me in, you’ve already loosened the buttons on your crisp white shirt. As calmly as I can I follow you in the Ladies and into a hot clean cubicle.I can’t hold myself back I rub my hands all over your back, sides and under your hair as I kiss and suck your neck, cheeks and chest. Another button comes undone on your shirt till I can see your lacy black (white?) bra that are barely hiding your nipples. Now I’m feeling your hand on mine, pushing it down towards the bottom of your tight short skirt, you leave it there and your hand rubs up and down my hot hard cock as my hand starts to work your skirt higher, I feel the top of your stockings and slowly and gently, but firmly slide my index finger over your wet white panties and for the first time you moan.

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September 1st, 2014

I’d sit opposite you at your desk, take out a pad & pen & ask you what you turn ons & offs were. After you’d answered & I was sure you were ready I’d carelessly drop my pen on the floor. When I was under the desk I’d part your legs & lick your inner thighs slowly. I’d rake my fingernails up & down your legs. I’d nuzzle my nose against the warm, moist material of your panties. Then I’d gently pull them to one side & push at first one then two fingers into your pussy. You’d squirm a little as made the come hither movement inside you. As I was doing this I’d lick & lap at your clit. Slowly at first but building up momentum. Faster & faster. Harder & harder. Still with my fingers inside of you. Just before you couldn’t take anymore I’d stop & return to my chair. Then it would be your turn.

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secretary in glasses working with her mouth and hands on all three guys and gets fucked by them in turn.

August 29th, 2014

Spunky specs is a great hardcore office porn blog.Where I took this hardcore office movie from.

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August 26th, 2014

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Stockings model who was sent to prison for benefits fraud

August 23rd, 2014

Uk porn actress Claire Evans has been jailed for 10 months for wrongly claiming benefits when doing work for a porn model as well as nylons model. This thirty yr old has been claiming that she was unemployed, nevertheless had been basically earning up to £800 per month as a result of porn videos along with photos on sites.

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August 20th, 2014

I’m wearing my suit and you’ve caused a bulge in my trousers. I’ve just read through your work and you’ve made lots of mistakes, deliberately I fear. For every mistake I bend you over my desk and spank you gently. As I hear you squeal in delight you tell me you need to be punished more. So I force you under my desk where you unzip me and take my hard shaft into your mouth. As you make me harder you slip your panties off and place them on my desk.

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