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March 3rd, 2015

lady sonia spoke to English slut Mia on the telephone on Saturday night for making the preparations for this movie. Mia had wanted to organise for the husband to drive her straight down and then wait for Mia inside the car while his wife came inside to “organise a fuck” then lady sonia was to plan for any. lady sonia member to get here & completely ready to ensure Mia can strip, take the movie using him and immediately get dressed and get back into her husbands car without having him realizing something regarding it in any respect until eventually the wife told him about this in bed later on that evening. The actual strategy had been that Mia wanted to just simply suck the young males MASSIVE erect prick after which help make him ejaculate all over Mia’s perfect facial foundation but once Mia had this young males huge prick into her palm she got alternative thoughts and to Lady Sonia’s large surprise she climbed ” up ” onto this sofa on him and took his prick deep into her VERY small hole and then rode this guy hard for that camera! The length of the lounger is totally ideal to watch this sluts stretched hole expand to accommodate this dick in case you’re a lover of viewing GENUINE wedded females taking pleasure in extra marital enjoyment without having their own husband’s understanding in that case this movie really is quite special! Watch the entire length lady sonia video here.

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February 28th, 2015

Guys don’t just love to look at a woman in nylons, they will frequently speculate what it would be like to be given a nylon foot-job. I bet that may be some thing you could have thought about. On this special movie My goal is to try and teach you what exactly the nylon foot-job is like. Observe as I begin this stockings foot-job through grasping my own hosiery covered feet all over the following dick and also slowly but surely wank it off. I complete this specific video by using both my own nylon covered foot and also my own palms. Of course this fortuitous person gets to cum across the stockings covered legs plus hands and wrists. This movie is taken from the mans point of view, so with luck, it is going to seem like it truly is your tool I am wanking using my own hosiery covered legs.

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This British amateur is one horny bitch as she plays on the bed in her fishnet stockings and sexy lingerie.

February 25th, 2015

Stockings fetish blog is a stockings blog dedicated to hotties like you in stockings. So you’re alone in the office and you’re sitting behind your desk. As I walk in you stand up and usher me to sit where you were and you sit on desk in front of me. That glint’s in your eye again and you slowly open your legs, so I can see your wet panties and the flesh above your stockings. I lean forwards and rest each of my hands on your legs, so they can graze across your stockings to their tops and then gently stroke the top of your thighs.

Simultaneously each hand reaches the edge of those panties and my fingers can just feel your wetness. gently I ease a finger from each hand past the knicker elastic so I can feel your labia and gently part them. You smile as your feel both index fingers probing inside you, circling around so that your labia get wetter and I can feel your clitoris stiffen. I look at your and smile, as I let two more fingers enter the fray. I can feel (and see) the effect this is having and so I slide my fingers out, gripping your panties and dragging them down your stocking clad legs. As I do so you can’t resist fingering your clit, as it’s throbbing away.

I lean forward and let my tongue trace its’ way from the tip of your stocking clad toes, all the way to the peachy skin at the top and beyond, stopping only when I can smell your scent. There in front of me is your clitoris and I lean in and gently take between my lips and suck inwards, so it feels like ‘she’s’ being turned inside out. You moan as I do so and so I begin tracing up and down your labia, letting my saliva mix with your juices, as you begin to shudder. Your reaction builds and so I let my tongue flick back and forth across your clit, while I push two fingers deeply into you and this has the desired effect. See more stockings fetish movies at stockings fetish blog here

mature classy lady in stockings fucks herself with a dildo

February 22nd, 2015

Most blogs were critiquing 40somethingmag for a few years mainly because these people continually come through using impressive MILF photographs and also movies. I adore older girls, and so I had bigs hopes for the type of web site which values mature ladies for a change. 40somethingmag is a site that has mature females which enjoy a down and dirty fucking in addition to posing for the video camera naked.

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British amateur at home alone and dressed in sexy lingerie and stockings she feels so horny and wants to play with her pussy just for you

February 19th, 2015

The promise of red lips sliding down the length of my shaft, pouting out, all cushion soft at the base, the tongue tip stretching to paint a zigzag motif at the lip of the scrotum, the flat part of the palate rasping at the bottom surface of the penis pressing the cock against the roof of the mouth, the cheeks ballooning and hollowing about the saliva slick penis, and the muscles in the throat accepting the crown, constricting over the head, a twist added to the movement of the face as it descends; hands at work

catching the inside of the thighs, cupping the ball sac, tugging at the testicles inside; your eyes staring up, while my fingers brush aside the curtain of hair; eyes staring down to look at the wetness between your legs — that would be so lovely.

I want to splatter your face with my semen. I want it in your hair, plastering the locks to your forehead and scalp. I want it running down your cheeks. I want it dripping from your chin in thick cords that fall to your breasts. I want to use the side of my finger to gather the come and have you lap it from my hand.

I want to bend you over my lap, flip your skirt up over your ass, and pull your knickers down. I will run bare hands over bare buttocks to feel the softness under my fingers, to warm up the skin, to let you taste the friction and the heat. When I bring my hand down over you, you will feel it in the flesh. It will sting at first. I will go slowly, but the spanking will intensify in its power and pace. I want your gasps and screams in conversation with the slaps that I administer. I want the nerves to throb. I want it to hurt. I want you to feel it deep down in your muscles. I want your hands clutching my trouser legs, whimpering with pain and pleasure, both of them together, each so very satisfying. I want you begging for more and more through your heavy sobs. I like seeing the colour of your skin change like the seasons as I coax the endorphins from your body. I want you to press your pelvis down as you raise your ass in the air in anticipation of the blows that I deliver and feel the hardness of my cock beneath you. When I finish, I will soothe the ache with the soft, gentle touch of hands. I want to fuck you to orgasm with my fingers and have you lap your wetness from my skin.After that, you can thank me for your spanking on your knees. When my erection is slippery with saliva, I will bend you over your desk and fuck you from behind. I want to come with your cunt collapsing around me.

Would you like to worship my stocking covered legs?

February 16th, 2015

Stockings diary star and stockings blog writer Sabrina is a fucking hot angel in stockings for sure. I want to strip off your clothes — except the stockings, you can keep those on — and throw you to the ground. I want to devour your breasts and swallow your cunt. When the juices are flowing and you are well lubricated, I will drive into you from above so that you feel my weight on top, so that my chest squashes your breasts flat while I fuck my tongue past your lips and drag my fingers through your hair and kiss you deep. My hips will thrust against your pelvis so very hard because you like it rough that way, and, you know, so do I. I want your legs spread wide apart for me, hooking around my back as I take you on the floor like this.

I want to roll over and have you ride my penis. I want to clutch your breasts as you impale yourself over my prick. I want to twist your nipples and hear you groan. I like seeing the way your pussy lips stretch about my shaft. I like how tight you are inside, how your muscles compress my penis, the wetness that flows within you and down my balls. I will play with your clit and roll it in my fingers and pinch a little while you are doing the work of fucking me.

At last, I want to take you as forcefully as I can. I want you draped over your desk, fingers clutching the far side, as I press my pelvis against your ass. I want to drag you backward by the hair. I will grip your tits and use them for leverage as I thrust into you from behind. I want my teeth biting into your shoulders. I want both of us perspiring from the effort of sex. I want the smells in my nose, the scents of your arousal. I want the squishy sounds of my cock entering your pussy and sliding through, the liquid feel inside. I want to hear the clap of my balls slamming into your thighs and buttocks. I want you swearing, the nasty words that escape your mouth announcing how good it is. I want the friction of my cock against your g-spot, the press of my fingers against the nub of your clit. I want your orgasms cascading one after another until, at last, I come with you.

I am in my office right now, thinking of you. I would like to reach up that pencil skirt that you are wearing. I would kick off my shoes and bring my foot into contact with those stockings. I’d turn at the knee and climb up the inner surface of the thigh, brushing my toes where the stockings end. As I pull back on the wheeled office chair, my foot would lift up your skirt. I like the look of your underwear. I like that they are moist. I might lean back in the chair and prop both feet against you as you and push you back against your desk. One of the feet comes to rest on your cunt so that I can feel the wetness of pussy on my soles. The other foot kicks against your thigh to bunch the skirt up and expose your body to me. My hands unbuckle my belt. I undo the button at the top and pull apart the zip. My cock would be ready for you. Fucking you on your desk in your office, with the people you work with outside, where if they listened, they could hear you in the throes of pleasure — I like this idea. I am hard thinking about it. I hope you are, too.. You can download this video in my stockings members area here at sabrinasstockings Or take a look at stockings diary here

This sexy blond secretary is in black stockings at work,

February 13th, 2015

This secretary and blog is taken from office porn blog office glamor.  I see a glint in your eye that tells me you are already wet in your panties and in need of some attention. I would follow you to your office for an informal chat, the whole time thinking about sliding up your skirt to reveal your sexy arse in those smooth nylons. I can’t stop thinking about it… I want you! As I sit down you notice a bulge in my trousers and a smile comes across your face. You know what I want!

Without a moments hesitation you walk over and shut the door and blinds. Slowly moving closer to me, you fall to your knees, keeping eye contact as you reach out and undo my trousers. You are not disappointed to see me fall out into your hands, already dripping with anticipation and growing hard in your soft hands. my balls twitch as you lean forward and take me in your mouth… So hot and wet you feel me throb as you take me deep, pushing the back of your mouth. Stroke my balls as you suck on my hard cock, taste me as I drip in your willing mouth. I reach down and undo your buttons, sliding my my hand inside your shirt, cupping your breasts, feeling your nipples getting hard through your bra. My other hand holds the back of your head as you move up and down on me.

You pull up and look deep into my eyes then say “I want you”. I stand up and turn you around, bending you over your desk. Pulling your skirt up you push your arse back into me. I sense how much you want it, pulling your nylons down over your arse and your panties to one side… then you feel my hard wet cock between your cheeks. Pulling them apart you feel me enter you. Slowly at first until you have all of me,  then slowly out and back in. Hearing you gasp as you take my length! holding your hips and pulling you into me, take it all baby. Want more office porn then visit office glamor here

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Secretary putting on her stockings at work

February 10th, 2015

I will let you take me to your office and sit me down. Exchange a few pleasantries etc until I can take no more. I like to take control so you will have to do as you are told. I tell you to “stand up and walk over here, turn around and show me yourself”. looking you up and down is turning me on and you can see as I stand up. the bulge in my trousers is obvious and is all for you. I come up behind you and you feel me press against you. My bulge pushing into your arse. My hands reach round, gliding over your tummy and up around your breasts. I slip my hand in your shirt and feel your firm breasts, all the while growing harder for you in my pants. Softly kissing your neck you feel my warm breath and moist lips, holding you close to me and pushing my hips into you. I whisper “turn around and kneel down baby”. You comply with a smile and go down. My bulge thrusting out at you as you reach out and undo my trousers. I hold your head and guide my cock straight into your mouth. Instantly you feel me throbb and grow harder for you. Still holding your head I push in and out. “take it all baby!” ” Swallow my cock!” you are so good. Your hot wet mouth feels amazing and hearing you gag on my cock turns me on even more. In and out I start to fuck your face. Keeping eye contact as yours start to water…

“I want to taste you”. I stand you up and move you backwards to your desk. I fall to my knees and hitch up your skirt, revealing your black stockings and white panties. As I kiss my way up your inner thigh I can smell your pussy, already wet and ready for me. Feeling rampant I pull at your stockings and make a hole at the crotch, pulling your panties aside you suddenly feel my wet tongue sliding over your pussy lips… mmm you taste so good, feeling you shudder un my touch. My finger slides inside your wet hole ad my tongue flicks over your hard clit. You’re really wet now and your juice is dripping down over your arse hole and onto the desk. Now with two fingers inside you I take a chance… At the same time I slide my ring finger in your arsehole… You let out a gasp but say nothing to stop me. In and out, filling both your holes.

Your shirt is open and I kiss my way up over your tummy and chest. Hearing your breathing getting heavier as I slide my cock deep in your pussy. “wrap your legs around me” “take me deep!”. mmm speeding up and now fucking you hard on your desk. Holding you head and pulling your hair as I fuck you. Feeling you cum on my cock pushes me to the edge but I won’t cum yet! Pulling out and pushing to your knees again, “taste yourself baby and clean my cock”. Mmm that’s good baby, “now stand up and trun around”. You stand up but reluctant to turn around. I make you and then bend you over your desk. You ripped stockings now hanging off you, your panties still pulled over showing your perfect arse. My hard wet cock rubs between your cheeks and pushes at the entrance to your arse. You say “No” but push back onto me at the same time. You know you want it and baby, you’re going to get it “now bend over”. Holding you pressed against the desk I slide the tip of my cock in your arse

Worship this dominating mistesses stockings

February 7th, 2015

See Bitchy boss sabrina in the office. “Do you have a small cock however would still need to know just what it can be like to often be teased at work by the really bitchy manager dressed in a very short skirt, ff nylons, stiletto heels along with slightly see through black panties? Very well this is for you. If you like to be teased or maybe laughed at then right now is the time to get ones dick released. Enjoy as I talk about exactly how little your own dick is actually in addition to precisely how massive I prefer cocks. A lot of cleavage with this video so you can easily see just what it is like when I tease adult males by using my bust along with my legs along with panty’s? Weak men who just like to appreciate women without touching plus getting humiliated should get the penis out simply because My goal is to tease and also humiliate you now. Additionally you get to get in your knees plus put your own face between my hips and legs and also have a great huge sniff of my wet panties? Do you need this? “.

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Would you like a peek up Danica Collins skirt and her stockings and panties?

February 4th, 2015

We are delighted in the way danica comes up with ideas for hot clothes as well as films. This amateur usually takes simply just really fundamental items & turns all of them in to a truly naughty costumes. If danica collins starts her renowned slow stripping this alluring Uk adult attractive lady unleashes both of her large breasts after which draws down the knickers. It seems in my opinion this attractive amateur is actually tempting you to definitely engage in just a little enjoyment. Envision exactly how cool it might be to ram your cock among these huge tits and distribute the hot jizz across Danica’s face. This astonishingly hot video clip from this wife sees danica collins slowly strip in order to expose her stunning body in a sexxy basque and traditional nylons. Taking down 1 nylon danica collins sets the item over her palm in order to play with her cunt, enjoying the sense of the nylon rubbing against her clit as this wife actually gets to cum. See as danica gives you a flash up her skirt at her stockings.

Teasing MILF in balck stockings and white panties

February 1st, 2015

I like to flash gentlemen, flashing men my undergarments and my stockings, and white 100 % cotton underclothes would seem to be what exactly turns on gentlemen by far the most. However whichever I will be wearing, I just love to tease. View me personally in this flick made within my bedroom, where I’m dressed in charcoal lingerie, the suspender belt along with white cotton undergarments plus I truly wish to tease you. Therefore I masturbate through my extremely drenched white panty’s, pushing my panties inside of my extremely drenched lips, and rubbing my ass through the underwear. Would you like me in your sheets rubbing myself through my own underwear and teasing you? Would this help to make your own tool quite rigid? I love to tease a guy so much the cock gets incredibly hard indeed. You can find I favor a lot more than simply teasing with nylons.You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

white-panty-play-003_0001.jpg white-panty-play-010_0001.jpg white-panty-play-016_0001.jpg white-panty-play-005_0001.jpg white-panty-play-040_0001.jpg

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British Milf in black stockings flashing her white panties

January 29th, 2015

If I was to come to your office next week, you should book a meeting room in a quiet part of the floor. As you lead me from the reception to the lift, I’d admire your svelte curves, shown off by your slim skirt, and your fine legs in sheer black stockings. Your blouse, with the top buttons undone, would give the odd glimpse of the top of your black lace bra.

Once in the meeting room, you sit on the table and ask if I liked what I saw, crossing your legs and letting your skirt rise up your thighs. I approach you, moving to hold your hips, but you stop me, uncrossing your legs and putting your foot on my crotch. You motion downwards and I drop to my knees, between your legs, which you separate to reveal your lace stocking tops, smooth thighs and the v of black lace panties.

Finally you allow me to touch you, to push your skirt up your thighs and I kiss the scanty lace over your warm, wet pussy. My cock would be throbbing in my trousers, aching to fuck, but I would continue to pleasure you, pushing your panties to the side and tasting your wetness, massaging you with my tongue until your thighs tighten around my head and you come.

I would not be able to wait any longer and, standing up,I would undo my belt and flies and let out my hard cock. You lean back on the table and open your legs wide, to let me stand between them and ease my cock into your wet pussy. It’s tight at first, but I gradually ease my cock further into you and you gasp as I slide it all the way in.

Building up a slow rhythm, I fuck you harder and kiss you for the first time on the lips, then neck. You let your hair down and you look even sexier than before…

Turned on my the fact that we have never seen each other in person before and that we are fucking, hard, in your office you give me the naughtiest look and push me away. You turn around and lift your skirt up over your hips, so I can see the full length of your slender legs, and separate your feet. I hold your hips and enter you from behind. You hold your desk with your arms outstretched, and we fuck hard until I you are shuddering with another orgasm and I can feel the come welling up inside me. You turn around and kneel down to take me in your mouth and taste my hot juice as I orgasm.

We kiss again and hold each other, neither of us quite believing what is going on, but you put your finger to your lips, reminding me that we are at your office. You pull down your skirt and straighten your clothes; I make myself look as presentable as possible.

We kiss once again before we leave the room, but both switch back into work mode as we walk through the empty office and you show me back to the reception. You tell me that you’ll email me about the next meeting and I leave the building.



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