Teacher gives lots of stocking top tease before removing her skirt to show you her panties

August 30th, 2015

Imagine a fine Friday morning in May. You leave home half an hour early “to help prepare for a presentation”. Arriving at your stop, you leave the tube and walk past me “making a phone call” on the corner. I fall in behind you, admiring you legs, the curve of your calf and the way your butt sways as you walk in your heels. Through the slit in your stylish, mid- thigh skirt, in catch an occasional glimpse of what might be a stocking top. We’d agreed you would toss a coin to decide between tights and stockings that morning.

Shortly after you hit the button for lift, I catch up to you. It’s not exactly a new lift, and it takes it’s time. Complaining about it is regular sport in the building. Will it come soon enough that we have it to ourselves? I work on the floor above you, and no one knows that we’ve caught each other’s eye.

The doors open, you step in towards the controls, while I step past into the back corner. You grin briefly to me over your shoulder, select you floor, my floor, and the three empty floors 4, 5 and 6. Then you take two steps back and feel my chest at your back.

Smoothly, I move your hair over your right shoulder, then place my right hand on you hip then slowly pull your butt back into my crotch. “stockings or tights?” I whisper in your ear, then brush my lips down the side of your neck. “not telling,” you giggle in response, then feel finger stroke down your spine from between your shoulder blades, in no rush, on a mission to answer the question at hand.

Slowly, it passes down, over your waistband, and finally reaches the slit in your skirt as the doors open a floor 4. A second later you feel my hand on the back of your thigh, stroking the tops of your tights When we reach your office, you turn to face me, aware of my broad shoulders. I step forward, and whisper “ready to play?” you smile demurely, and I peck you on both cheeks, then kiss you briefly on the lips. Then I pause and gently turn you round and ask you which is your desk. You point it out, so I lead to it and gently lean you over so that both you palms are resting on the desk. “if you move your hands, you owe me a blow job, OK?” You nod.

Now I get to admire you at leisure. No need to rush. I slowly embrace you from behind, pulling your back into my chest, your butt into my crotch. My right hand strokes your right side and cups your breast, then I bury my face in your hair and briefly kiss your neck. “Lovely. But first, let’s check you told the truth about the stockings. And remember not to move your hands.”

I step back and you gasp briefly with surprise when I place my hands on your knees. “These need to be a little further apart.” You are aroused now, breathing deeply as you move your feet in their 3inch heels apart as directed. I’m holding onto one of you thighs now, squeezing gently, then run one of them up under your skirt and feel the stockings tops.

Instinctively, you reach for the zip of your skirt then catch yourself. You aren’t supposed to move your hands! You shrug and say in a bedroom voice, “Ah, guess it’s a good thing I give great blow jobs” and in a moment the skirt is around your ankles.

I have a huge grin on, and say “Nice. Give a twirl so I can admire the view.” There follows a few moments while I admire your legs in their stockings. “And now back to the desk, por favor.” While you are standing there facing away from me, I unbutton your blouse and help you remove it. Again I pull you towards me, sweep your hair over your right shoulder, and begin to kiss you neck. My right hand cups you right breast again, and I listen to your breathing to learn what you enjoy. Soon, I feel you nipple rise to meet my hand through your bra.

I’ve deliberately not touched your butt or pussy, anywhere near your panties. Time to fix that. My hand moves from your breast down your front, stroking towards your pussy. It takes many seconds on its path. You’ve been waiting for this, wanting this. I told you to play with yourself, but stop half an hour before you expected me, before you could come. You’ve been simmering away since, thinking about release. I stroke your pussy over your white panties, listening to you breathing, matching your breathing, tracing the outline of the damp spot, feeling your pubes. “My you’re wet. Did you cum?” A shake of the head. “Do you want to cum?” You nod. Vigorously.

“Soon, it’s not a race.” my hand rises up your belly, then descends inside your panties. Gently I massage your outer lips then as your inner lips emerge my middle finger starts to trace it’s way from the bottom to the top of your opening,back and forth. By the tenth pass, you’re wondering, does he know where the clit is? Then I prove that I do. “There’s something we’re forgetting,” I say, listening to your gasps. “What?” you say, slightly incoherently. A thirty second pause makes you even hotter. Is there going to be an answer? “Theres the small matter of that blow job. Is this your seat?” You realize I want out to crawl under your own desk to give me head.


Girls in stockings and nylons live on webcam

August 27th, 2015

I would love to find a webcam site dedicated full of ladies live on webcam in stockings. But I have searched long and hard all over the net and I cant find a dedicated stockings webcam site. But I have found a site that has 100’s and 100’s of ladies and they even categories the ladies in lingerie and the ladies who have a leg and foot fetish. So you can search for the type of ladies most likely to be in stockings or other nylons. I visit this site every day and there is always a huge selection of ladies in stockings or nylons to watch and chat to. What is even better is that these ladies are filthy on camera. A have recorded loads of these ladies in various lingerie doing live sex shows for me on webcam. Which is easy to do. I will show you a new lady here in this post every day. But if you want to watch these ladies on webcam in lingerie yourself take a look at webcams here.

Take a peek on this sexy secretary Kelly Dee’s panties underneath her table as she open her legs wide

August 24th, 2015

So, your in your office, sitting in your chair, and I walk up behind you, run my fingers through your hair, bend over, and gently kiss your neck, cover the soft smooth skin with gentle kisses. Then I come round in front of you, kiss you on the lips, feel your lips part and our tongues touch. I get on my knees in front of you, put your shoe clad feet in my lap and slowly pull your shoes off to reveal sexy, stocking clad feet. I take one foot, hold the heel, and dipping my head, put your toes in my mouth, feeling them wriggling in my mouth through the soft stocking. I slowly kiss all the way up your leg, to your knees, then gently part your thighs, kissing your thighs as I work my way up, hold the top of the stocking, and roll it down off your leg, kissing your lovely leg as I bare it. I kiss down to your feet, take the big toe in mouth, and suck it, then I do the same to each toe, and lick in between as well.

Once I’ve finished playing with your feet, and removed your stockings, I’ll spread your legs wide apart, kiss your thighs,slowly working my way inside, lick your and sniff your panties, then pull them off. once off, with your legs apart, I’ll trace the tip of my tongue around your pussy lips, clockwise, as i go around, my tongue will go deeper in your pussy, at the same time I’ll be fingering your bum, and as your hot pussy gets wetter, i’ll play with your clit, flick it back and forth with my tongue, until you are really horny and then I’ll tongue your clit until you start moaning, all the while fingering your bum and pussy.

I’d walk up behind you, march you over to your desk, and bend you over it, and push your face down into the desk with one hand, and my other hand would be going up your skirt and giving your pussy a good fingering, once it was nice and wet, I’d pull your skirt up, exposing your naked bum, and give it a good hard slap because you are such a dirty bitch, and need punishing, I’d keep slapping it harder until you are screaming in delight and pain, and your pussy is really wet…then I’d get my cock out, and slide it deep into your arse, and pound away until i am ready to come, then I’d spin you round, push you to your knees and have you finish me off and cum all over your face.


Danica Collins in stockings and glasses with her legs spread

August 21st, 2015

You invite me over to your office, it’s very quiet and you want to avoid making loud noises. I see you dressed exactly the same as you described when we first emailed. I notice you’ve made a tiny hole in the stocking. I move in closer to you, just to hear you breathe heavily and notice your chest move with every breath. I look at you from top to bottom, you feel a little shy. I lift you up and take you to the boardroom. We both know there’s plenty of space there. I take off your shoes slowly as I kiss your calves and softly bite them trying to rip off pieces of your stocking. You try to stop me from ruining them, so I life you up to see your panties and notice there’s a slight moistness forming. I decide to undo your suspenders and pull them off as I place you softly on the table. I notice you close your eyes and decide to breathe softly on your ears and kiss behind them. With the belt gone, I now kiss and rub your inner thighs and notice that you have very soft skin which I kiss. I decide to pinch your thighs as I lean forward for a kiss. You’re quite turned on at the moment and I ask you to step out of your skirt. You’re just wearing your top and panties on now and I lift you up to kiss your lower lips through them. You moan as I try to work my way down there. I grab your breasts as I continue to kiss and lick you through your panties.

I notice that your nipples are getting harder as I try to lick your clit through your panties. I start to remove your panties and kiss your inner thighs and legs as I slowly remove them from each leg. I use my finger to touch your clit gently as I try to unbutton your shirt with my teeth. I breathe softly on your skin as I continue to unbutton your shirt all the way up. My hands are busy playing with your clit and pussy and I can feel your wetness all over my fingers. I take your shirt off and unhook your bra to see your heaving bosoms. You warn me that we could be seen through the window and that we need to hurry. I take my time and breathe down your neck gently kissing your ears and your neck as I work my way down your soft body. You take off my pants and are surprised to see that my member is thicker than expected. I lift you up and flip you upside down so that I can eat you while you blow me.


Bedfordshire Blonde masturbates in front of you at her desk

August 18th, 2015

I’ll have you lay back on your desk, then pull down Your panties and with my face between your legs. I start at the bottom..and work my way up. I slowly start caressing your legs, kissing and licking them from your feet upwards, taking a path that leads to your inner thighs. Spending some slow, quality time exploring your inner thighs with my tongue and my fingers. Getting closer and closer to your pussy but not quite touching it yet, more just teasing around it. Licking very close to it. Kissing and licking your stomach. Reaching up, playing with your breasts, pinching and pulling your nipples as my mouth starts to explore your pussy. See her blog here and twitter fans follow her here http://twitter.com/bedfordblonde

Spreading your legs wider, my tongue licking up one side of your pussy and then licking down the other. One at a time, sucking your lips into my mouth so I can suck on them, nibble them, fully taste them. My tongue entering, fucking you deeply, darting in and out of your wetness. Then my entire tongue completely covering your entire pussy, licking you up and down.

Then I focus on your clit, circling it with my tongue, flicking across it back and forth, sucking it into my mouth, nibbling on it, while at the same time my fingers are sliding in and out of you. Your body arching to meet the movements of my tongue and fingers. Your breathing coming faster. Brief moans escaping your lips

Lady Sonia in stockings is the hottest milf on the net

August 15th, 2015

Lady Sonia Movie is a free lady sonia movie clips blog. When you walk into my office i would close my blinds and lock my door then kiss you passionately. Push you face down onto my desk, your ares in the air then turn your head to one side and kiss u again I would part your legs wide you still in your heels and run my hand up your thigh until i touch your pussy through your panties then back down again I unzip your skirt and it falls to the floor , your pantie clad ass in the air i spank u gently and squeeze your ass cheeks together then apart.

I flip u over and rip your shirt open then kiss again, u reach down undo my flies and my huge throbbing cock pops out into your hand u wank me gently i pull your bra down your tits fall out and i take your nipples in my mouth sucking, chewing and licking them as u rub me faster and faster I flip u again face down my hard cock pushing into your thigh, i pull your panties to one side and lick u from behind your pussy soaking now pull your cheeks apart and lick your pussy hard and deep then spank you then slide 2 fingers deep in you, then, then 4 all the way fucking your pussy from behind. Then i wet my finger and start circling your asshole then as i pull my hand out of your pussy i slip my finger deep into your ass , now I’m fucking your pussy and your ass hard your face down on my desk your ass shakes as i pump faster and faster my cock is swelling

i flip u again then open your legs wide holding your ankles and ram my hard cock into your soaking pussy! Deep all the way up to my balls. I fuck u slow and long then hard and fast your pushing your tits together and pulling your nipples as i fuck u harder and harder, then i start to shake , pull out u drop to your knees and i wank my cock off over your face , my hot wet cum shoots over you dripping off your chin. See more lady sonia movie clips here.

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British M.I.L.F Danica Collins spreads her stocking covered legs and masturbates

August 12th, 2015

You have a wonderful body. I’m going to spend the rest of the day thinking about coming over your face and amazing tits. I’m imagining coming into your office now and finding your desk, then putting my hand on your shoulder and gently easing you to stand up. Then I’d make you bend over the desk, like you say, and hitch your skirt up so I can see your naked ass and pussy.

Now you see, as much fun as it would be to follow you into the toilets, bunching your skirt above your sleek, creamy hips as you hold your wetness open for my teasing, eager tongue, your seamed stocking thighs dragging me in until I can hardly breathe, I’m much more the kind of rugged, Australian city chap, who’d give you explicit instructions if what I want you to do, in the kinda if places where you may just get caught. Or have you suck off the cutes chap in your office after hours, then show me proof of your obedience

I like spanking, I’d probably slap your arse a couple of times and listen to you yelp. Then I’d slide my fingers into your cunt. Just one, at first, and gently rub you there, then two, and play with you slightly harder, until my whole hand was in you. After that I’d walk round the desk and make you lick your juices from my hand.

Then I’d undo my trousers and put my cock in your mouth so it goes deep into your throat a couple of times. But that’s just to make sure it’s nice and hard so that when I do go back round the desk I can fuck you properly.


Stockings forum for lovers off stockings

August 6th, 2015

We have launched a new stockings forum. Where we will be posting pictures and you can also post pictures. Also talk with other stocking lovers about stockings. Plus much more. It is brand new and I am adding loads of great stockings porn. So pop by today and say hi!

We have loads of forums and posters including:

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Advertise for meets with other stockings and pantyhose lovers. In the personals forum you can advertise for a date, a friend or a partner. Anything goes. Please be sensible and always meet in a public place first.


Lady Sonia Stockings, fem dom and cuckold forum (416 Viewing)

Lady Sonia the webs most famous unfaithfull wife with her very own forum. Post If you are into sexy milf ladies in stockings and pantyhose, cuckold husbands, fem dom and more, then this is the forum for you. Post pictures, make contacts but do not post lady sonia site passwords!


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Lolly badcock the naughty black stockings an pink pantie maid

August 3rd, 2015

I think that first thing that I would want to do would be just to watch you for a little while, preferably reading a dirty smutty email and see how excited you get, would you be brave enough to slide you fingers inside your panties whilst sitting at your desk? Perhaps whilst you’re looking so avidly at your screen I would sneak under your desk so I could get a close up of just how you tease and tantalize your pussy??  Perhaps then you would feel my hands on your knees, pushing your legs apart, first of all I would slowly and gently run my hands along the inside of your thighs, enjoying every inch of your skin, then tease your soggy panties aside and rest my thumb on your clitoris, slowly I would slide my thumb around your clitoris, pressing firmly, then softly, then firmly, then softly.  All the time I would see your luscious white cum dribbling out of your pussy.

The time would come that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from sliding my tongue around the edge of your clitoris, sucking firmly on your clitoris as I feel it swell in my mouth, then i would move down to the entrance to your honey pot, slowly teasing you as I poke my tongue in and out so I can taste your peachy heaven.  I know that after a while I would push your chair back, tear your shirt open and grip your firm breasts with both hands whilst tounging your pussy hard and deep.

Next I would spin you over and lay you on your desk face down, then I’d rip your little panties off, feeling them tear against your skin, I spread your legs and bury my face into your ass and pussy.  I know that your legs will be quivering by now so I would pull out my big cock and rub the tip around the edge of your pussy, then when your groaning with pleasure and you least expect it, I would thrust hard inside you, feeling your juices gush out and down my balls and legs, you’re so creamy and excited at this point that you let out a squeal as you grip the edge of your desk, thrusting yourself backwards so my cock goes deeper and deeper each time…

As I’m standing over you with my cock sliding deep inside you, your legs start to quiver and it’s only the desk that keeps you up.  Just before we are both about to come I grab your hair with one hand, tug it back and grip your breast with my other hand, at this point we are banging so hard onto each other that your juices are literally squirting everywhere, you then beg me to come, I ask ‘inside your pussy, over your breasts or in your mouth


Young British secretary with a short skirt and black hold up stockings masturbates at work

July 31st, 2015

I picture you sitting at your desk in your tight black skirt, as you uncross your legs I see a flash of your tiny white panties (are they wet already? I’m sure they soon will be). As you site there reading your emails expectantly, you stroke your thigh and as you move across the top of your stocking you imagine someone slowly peeling them off to reveal you gorgeous smooth, firm thighs!! All the time your looking across at the stud in the office, wondering if it’s him writing this message to you! Who knows it may just be!!!

As I sit here typing this, I imagine how your breathing will be getting heavier, swelling your chest and firming your nipples, causing them to press against your tight white shirt, is that a peak of your firm nipples poking alluring? As you walk to the bathroom you feel a little quiver of excitement and your labia start to swell with anticipation of how your fingers will soon be gliding across them, your clitoris stands hard and tall as your fingers tease, around to begin with, not penetration just yet!! Your pussy is starting to open up and slowly drips with your wonderful peachy juices begging you to press your fingers firmly and slowly deep inside. By this point, there are beads of sweat between your breasts and the top of your thighs so you take the time to slide you hand around and down your wonderful cleavage, tenderly scratching at your stomach as your hands creep to your now throbbing pussy..

DEEP inside you plunge your fingers and your pussy lets out a squelch of excitement. Now your looking at the clock wondering how long you’ve been away from your desk so you start to finger yourself more furiously, all the time having to keep your groans of pleasure in check in case somebody hears?!!!!!!

Not long now, firmer and faster you plunge your fingers deeper and deeper and you feel your juices running into the palm of your hand and down your thigh with that wonderful aroma that only a woman in total euphoria can have. Fast, deeper, faster, deeper, almost there!!!! You let out a loud gasp as you reach your climax, wondering is anyone may have heard you (all the time being excited by the thought of it). There you go!!!!! Your moment of climax has arrived and you are quivering all over as you reach the point of bliss that only your fingers can bring you. Slowly you raise yourself, only thinking about the next time you’ll be walking away from your desk to do it all over again!!!! For more secretaries and secretary sex take a look at the secretary blog secretary sex


Naughty blonde nurse from pin up wow removes her white lingerie and black stockings.

July 28th, 2015

Well if I came to your office, I’d make you sit there on your desk and I’d sit on the seat opposite. I’d tell you to play with yourself. You would play with your pussy over your trousers, your wetness seeping through the suit. My erection would visible from inside my bottoms and this would make you even hornier. You’d use your other hand to play with your massive breasts, your nipples now hard and sticking out visibly too. As we’d both get ourselves horny as possible, you’d come from your desk, get on your knees and pull my trousers down to reveal my hard cock still being covered by my boxers. You’d start licking my cock from outside making it hard and ready for your mouth and after getting my cock ready, I’d uncover it onto your mouth so you can go as hard and as deep as you want. I’d grab your hair and push your face into my cock, making your face go ever so slightly red, but you’re enjoying every second of giving me this pleasure. I’d make you stop in the middle and pull you up and snog your face off, sticking my tongue into your mouth and having a wrestle with yours. I’d push you back down so you can suck it hard and fast. You’d stop and start licking my balls, taking them both into your mouth as I’d moan at the great sensation. As you’d get faster and faster my cock would be ready to cum and as I’d come I’d pull my cock a bit away from your face so I can shoot some of it in and some of it around your face. You’d swallow what you get and moan to show me you enjoy it while you’d lick the rest with your fingers and lips

Imagine I was your boss. Not the boss you have now. But me. Imagine I called you into my office and as you came in with your sexy wear, I ‘accidentally’ dropped something. You’d be more than happy to pick it up, bending over so very slowly so I get a great view of your arse, my first thoughts to grab it with my hands, but I hold back. As you come back up to give it to me, I ‘accidentally’ throw something else onto the floor but this time I decide to grab it, telling you to leave it, I get down and look up, peeking through your black shirt and onto your white panties, with the thought in my head of the sweet pussy behind it. I admire your legs through your sexy stockings all the way down to your heels, and as I stand up, I realize that we are pretty close to each other, me being able to feel your breath on my face. I feel my heart pounding as we both feel the sexual chemistry. I murmur ‘You look amazing’. You lean in, for a kiss and teasingly pull away my eyes closed from the anticipation. You chuckle and take my hand and then slowly place it on one of your breasts. I can feel the erect nipple in the palm of my hand


Tgirl Vikki gets her big cock sucked by slutty nylon mistress Jane and loves every second.

July 25th, 2015

I would like to come up behind you quietly as you are sitting there at your desk , completely unaware that I am there . I will be standing behind you dressed in a blue suit with a beautiful south sea island shirt paired with a Hermes tie . You can smell my creed aftershave from where you are sitting but you resist the temptation to turn round , reveling in the anticipation .

Finally I move silently up behind you and bend down to move the hair from the back of your neck and expose the soft white nape of your neck . I bend down further and bite the back of your neck gently rolling your skin between my teeth . I am holding your head in between my hands so that you cannot turn around and you just have to submit to the delicious combination of pleasure and pain that i am subjecting you to .

Then suddenly I turn your head around and you can see me for the first time . you reach up towards my mouth with yours and our lips meet in an urgent crash of passion . Our tongues are deep inside each others mouths , feverishly exploring , twisting and turning as if with a life of their own .

Then I move around in between your chair and your desk and pull your hand towards my crotch . You can feel my hardening cock through the soft fabric of my suit and you start to get excited yourself . ” Suck it ” you hear me say and you reach up to pull the zipper down and with excitement in your breath you pull my hard cock out and lean forward to put your lips around the end . You can taste that masculine smell that turns you on oozing from the end of my cock and you reach round with both your hands to pull my hips in towards your face so that my cock is forced deep into your mouth as if I am fucking it .

I start to move my hips back and forth and fuck your open mouth gently at first but gradually getting harder and harder . Now I am holding your head firmly in my hands so that I can really fuck your face .

But I don’t want to cum – not yet at least . So i pull you up from your chair without a word and bend you , face down across your desk . Your tight short skirt is stretched tight across your peachy arse . I pull it up to your hips so that I can see your white panties and your stockings . Briefly , I reach in between your legs and I can feel just how wet you already are .Thats good – because I am now more than ready to fuck you now . I reach up and pull your panties down to your knees , tearing them apart in my hurry to expose your wet cunt for me .

Now I can see just how your excited you are . I can see your lips puffed up and red from the blood that is coursing through them . ” Fuck me now – hard ” I hear you say  . And with no further ado I place my hard cock at the entrance to your cunt and push it in . I hear you gasp slightly as you feel yourself get filled up so quickly and then as quickly as you are feeling full I pull my cock almost out before I plunge it back in .

Now you are being fucked in a frenzy . We know that someone could come in at any time so we are keen to reach our climax before we are interrupted .Thats why we are both still mainly clothed so that we can rearrange our things in a hurry if needed . I can feel the spunk starting to well up inside my balls and you in turn can sense that I am about to cum – and that in turn starts your own orgasm deep inside you . ” Come on you filthy bitch – I want you to come all over your desk ”

“Yes – I am going to come now – all over the desk so that I can smell it in the morning ” And then we are both shouting at each other , urging each other to come until suddenly in a big heap we collapse with you coating my spurting cock with your cum juices as together they leak out onto your desk We lie there catching our breath briefly before we stand up to reorganize ourselves so that we can get up and leave before we are caught . Maybe next time we will have to snatch a furtive shag in a meeting room with frosted glass even more quickly in partial view of your colleagues .


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