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August 26th, 2014

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Stockings model who was sent to prison for benefits fraud

August 23rd, 2014

Uk porn actress Claire Evans has been jailed for 10 months for wrongly claiming benefits when doing work for a porn model as well as nylons model. This thirty yr old has been claiming that she was unemployed, nevertheless had been basically earning up to £800 per month as a result of porn videos along with photos on sites.

Claire Evans was caught while government officials noticed a sports motor vehicle in her front drive. officials then identified a collection involving the woman’s glamour photos. Claire Evans in addition starred throughout a pornographic bisexual British video, and starring on a lot of lingerie websites.

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Suburban amateur secretary herself a good seeing to with her toy on the office floor

August 20th, 2014

I’m wearing my suit and you’ve caused a bulge in my trousers. I’ve just read through your work and you’ve made lots of mistakes, deliberately I fear. For every mistake I bend you over my desk and spank you gently. As I hear you squeal in delight you tell me you need to be punished more. So I force you under my desk where you unzip me and take my hard shaft into your mouth. As you make me harder you slip your panties off and place them on my desk.

Then you emerge from underneath and present yourself at my desk. Bending over in your sexy heels you hitch your skirt up revealing your sexy wet pussy. I then slide myself inside you. Fucking You hard from behind. Gently pulling your hair and spanking you some more for being so naughty. I can feel you cum hard across my shaft, can feel you gush. I then shoot my hot creamy load inside you. You slip your panties back on still dripping wet as a reminder as to what will happen if you don’t do what I say for the rest of the day.

I would love to have you take my hard cock in your mouth and feel your tongue flicking across my shaft and head. You can taste my pre cum and it makes you want more, so you fill your whole throat with every inch of my manhood. Thrusting your head back and forth to take it deeper and deeper. When I tell you I’m close to shooting you pull me out so you can watch me pumping my sperm all over your face. I watch as you eagerly flick your tongue around trying to catch a drop of my hot cream.

Secretary Anna test drives the new girl. Hardcore lesbian video with fingers, tongues and dildos

August 17th, 2014

I would walk up quietly behind you whilst you were sitting at your desk and gently kiss your neck, before you could turn around to see who it was I’d slip a black silk scarf over your head and around your eyes, tying it so you would be blindfolded. I would stand you up, and initially do nothing just stand so close we would almost be touching but not quiet, you would hear my breathing feel my breath, then I would turn you round so you’d be facing me, I would kiss you on the lips, slowly first then more passionately, I would move my hands to your breasts, touching them through your White blouse, feeling your nipples harden, my hands would slide down past your waste, to the hem of your black skirt. Gently lifting your skirt I would pause at the top of your stockings feeling the silky material where it meets your smooth skin, I would hitch your skirt up exposing the crouch of your White panties, I’d push you back until you were sitting on the edge of your desk, kneeling I’d pull your knickers to one side and taste you, slowly first, getting quicker, delving my tongue deeper just as you were about to cum, I’d stop turn you onto your front on your desk and enter you, pushing in deep and slowly, getting faster and faster till we both came, me deep inside you, then I’d slip away as quietly as I approached you

I would tie your arms to your chair, not to tight, just enough to restrain you, then I’d unbutton your blouse, pulling it open to just over your shoulders, I would lean round and undo your bra exposing your breasts, I’d suck your nipples till they were hard, gently bite them, whilst I was doing this I would be rubbing you through your panties getting you wet, I’d slip a finger under your panties and into you, sliding it in and out, slowly at first, then faster and faster until you came, soaking your panties! Then I’d untie you, you would still be sitting down, you would undo my trousers and take me in your mouth, sucking me, bringing me close, the you would stop, stand up and push me onto your desk, you would pull your panties off straddle me hitchin up your skirt and lower yourself onto me, riding me slowly, feeling me deep in you, rocking back and forth, you would take you panties and put them in my mouth leaning forward you would use your weight to hold my arms down, you’d be riding me faster and faster until we both came!

This slutty little secretary has no panties on. But she does have some black hold up stockings

August 14th, 2014

The office is empty, your hard at work and hadn’t noticed that your now all alone, or so you thought you hadn’t noticed that there was one other person there, you couldn’t help yourself and had to touch your body your arousal again taking over your mind and causing you to masturbate with an urgent need, you want to imagine your being fucked over your desk by a stranger, lifting your skirt around your waist and pulling your panties down to your knees you pull a hair brush from your bag urgently, slowly you lick the handle end imagining a cock in its place, you open your shirt and pull your breasts out of you bra exposing yourself fully over your desk you lay down over it the cool wood against your skin and nipples, you press the handle against your clit rubbing it back and forth against your now soaking pussy lips, slowly edging it higher until it brushes against your hole you can’t help yourself and press it into your clenching pussy pushing it deeply inside your hole stretching it just a bit, you start to fuck your pussy hard imagining a big man fucking you senseless, the handle is pumping inside your pussy hard now and unknown to you now you have an audience he was stood there watching you fucking your pussy moaning into the wood of your desk, stepping forward he quietly pulls his hard cock from his trousers wanking it to the site of your pussy dripping around the handle juices building up around your hole. Suddenly you feel pressure behind you holding you down he pulls the handle from your dripping pussy and shoves his cock hard and deep inside you easily from your own pussy juices lubricating his forceful entrance into you, looking up from the desk you see who it is and say “its about time you fucker I’ve been waiting for you, now fuck me like the little cock slut I am”.

Now, I could certainly bend you over your desk. I’d want to get down very low behind you and lift your skirt right up to reveal your naked arse. I’d slap your arse until it was bright red. I’d bite your flesh hard enough to leave teeth marks. Then I’d love to slap my cock against your arse and slip it between your legs, rubbing it back and forth against your pussy lips until I feel you getting very wet. If I were to bend you over a chair instead of your desk, all of that could still happen, but I would be able to walk around to your face and show you my long, thick cock, ready for sucking. Then, while you take it right down your throat and feel my rippled shaft slipping in and out of your mouth, I’ll be able to reach over and slap your arse some more. I will pull you onto my cock with your arse and your hips. I will pull my fingers through your hair and ram my cock hard into your waiting mouth, as deep as you can take it. Then I’ll pull it out again and let you lick the tip as the precum starts to seep out. If you like, I’ll finish off by masturbating in front of your face so that you get covered in my cum. All over your face, into your open mouth and down your neck so that you can rub it all over your tits and make them nice and slippery.

Evil dominatrix in rubber stockings rides her sex slave

August 11th, 2014

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Secretary Sabrina who has on a skirt that is way to short is changing her panties while sitting at her desk at work

August 8th, 2014

Sabrina is from stockings diary and this is a video of her from her own stockings blog. Its lunch time and pretty much everyone in the office has gone out to get something to eat apart from you, sitting at your desk finishing up some important work that needs to be done now, but your mind as dirty as it is can’t help drifting off to the idea of you being taken over your desk. You look around and don’t see anyone around, your hand slides down over your breasts down to your thighs rubbing over your legs, you stand slightly and slip your skirt up your hips and expose your wet panties to the air as you sit back down spreading your legs wide, your fingers start to move over your panty clad pussy knowing you don’t have much time you have to go fast but that’s OK you could really do with that kind of sex right now. Using your right hand you slide your fingers inside your panties and massage your now juice soaked clit, your left hand moves over your white shirt grasping at your breasts squeezing them firmly as you slide a couple fingers inside your hot little pussy. Masturbating furiously you don’t notice the man stood in the doorway you look at him while as hands don’t stop touching your body you can’t stop not now not while your so close to that orgasm. He walks over to you unzipping his trousers pulling out a thick cock and puts a hand behind your head guiding you towards his groin, he smiles and winks at you, slowly as you look him straight in his eyes as your lips part opening wide, he moves his hips towards you the tip of his cock enters past your lips, slowly guiding your head forward until his entire cock is in your mouth still looking him in the eyes as your hands slide and grasp at your body, he moves his hips away slowly with his hand still behind your head he pushes your mouth deeply onto his cock. With his free hand he reached down to your breasts and squeezed your nipples through your white shirt as he pumped his cock into your mouth heightening his pleasure by teasing your body you hear him groan as you suck hard and flick your tongue around his cock. You feel so naughty sucking this strangers cock while he plays with your breasts and your own fingers deep inside your dripping little pussy, suddenly you feel your orgasm reaching its peak making you clamp down onto his cock having an effect he groans loudly, his cock begins to twitch in your mouth and a hot splash hits the back of your throat as he cums hard from your tongues actions, this in turn causes your own orgasm making you groan onto his spurting cock, minutes after you both clean up give each other a quick smile and leave, only thinking will you get to play again sometime soon. For more of sabrinas stockings porn visit her own stockings blog here.

This smoking fishnet wearing British amateur slut takes a mouth full of cum at the same time

August 5th, 2014

Oh I would love to provide you with a load of cum on your face or your breasts, but only after you’ve licked off your own pussy juice. However, let me back up a step. I want to make sure that you were appropriately horny by the time I get there. In fact, you should be so turned on you’re dripping. If that means you have spent your lunch hour in the loo with your fingers in your cunt and on your clit or walking around with a mini vibe or possibly having been caught playing with yourself by the gorgeous new girl at the office — and she only backed away slowly, eyeing you up and down. Only then, when your gorgeous pussy is a sodden mess, I can come in there with my tongue and lick up your honey, clean you thoroughly until you come, right there on your desk. Then I flip you over so you’re standing, bent over your desk with your ass in the air, begging to be fucked. I hike up your suit skirt, admire your ass, and ram my cock in to the hilt. You reach down between your legs and masturbate as I fuck you from behind. You beg me to spank your ass, and I do so, once, twice, three, four times… enough to leave red marks. I pound into you some more, each stroke pushing you more and more onto the desk, eventually lifting your legs off the ground. Would you like me to play with your ass?

Naked MILF in black stockings playing with her slave

August 2nd, 2014

You’ll give me detailed directions to your office, but I’ll decide when to come over. When I come in, you will be working away at your desk. However, you will have slipped a set of ben-wa balls into your pussy that morning, and will have been wet all day long. As a result, when I come in quietly behind you, put my hands on your shoulders, my lips and tongue on your neck and ears and then slip one hand down to your nipples, you will start orgasming. I will turn you around in your chair, slip off your panties — black or red or some other deliciously slutty colour and style — and lick your hot cunt first to clean you up, and then slip a finger, then two or more in to find your g-spot as I lick around and even suck on your clitoris. As you get close to another orgasm, my tongue might find its way down to other places

you would be wearing stockings with garters, and a business suit that is just a bit too short and tight — something to accentuate your ass. You meet me at the lift and walk me back to an office. I follow you, watching your perfect rear, getting harder as we walk. We get to the office, you spin on your heel and push against my pants with your front, feeling my growing cock. At first, I would like you to suck my cock until I orgasm. You will have to take all of me into your mouth/throat. I may decide to come in your mouth, or pull out and come on your face or your breasts — your decision. After you lick up my semen, I lick my way down to your pussy, which you have already started playing with. You will then put on a show for me — masturbate until you orgasm. I may decide to join in, or I might simply watch. You will put the condom on me, then turn around and allow me to fuck you doggy style until we orgasm together. You beg me to play with your asshole as I fuck you from behind, which pushes me over the edge. After a rest, you start telling me a story — your sexual experiences, your fantasies, and I have the beginnings of an erection. You kneel in front of me, looking up with my cock in your mouth. You pump your hand up and down the length of my penis as you lick down to my balls. Soon enough, I go down on you as we 69. After you beg me to do so, I will then turn you around and slip my cock into your ass until I come again.


What should Danica Collins wear today?

July 30th, 2014

The strain on the clasp on my bra as I try to contain my huge soft breasts in the lacy cup, pushing one breast in only to find the other has tumbled out!.  A tight fitting pencil skirt to compliment my curvy arse and an even tighter blouse with buttons bursting to pop and of course to finish, 6 inch black stiletto heels. Running my hands up the smooth, silk stocking and my fingers along the seam as I slip into silky panties and feel their softness against my warm, moist pussy. Slipping my bare feet into a FF stocking, slowly easing it up my curvy leg before fastening the clasp to the stocking top. Finally I am ready and I feel so womanly and sexy. Now all I have to choose is where I’m going! If you enjoy this Danica movie then check out her great new site here

Teacher gives lots of stocking top tease before removing her skirt to show you her panties

July 27th, 2014

Imagine a fine Friday morning in May. You leave home half an hour early “to help prepare for a presentation”. Arriving at your stop, you leave the tube and walk past me “making a phone call” on the corner. I fall in behind you, admiring you legs, the curve of your calf and the way your butt sways as you walk in your heels. Through the slit in your stylish, mid- thigh skirt, in catch an occasional glimpse of what might be a stocking top. We’d agreed you would toss a coin to decide between tights and stockings that morning.

Shortly after you hit the button for lift, I catch up to you. It’s not exactly a new lift, and it takes it’s time. Complaining about it is regular sport in the building. Will it come soon enough that we have it to ourselves? I work on the floor above you, and no one knows that we’ve caught each other’s eye.

The doors open, you step in towards the controls, while I step past into the back corner. You grin briefly to me over your shoulder, select you floor, my floor, and the three empty floors 4, 5 and 6. Then you take two steps back and feel my chest at your back.

Smoothly, I move your hair over your right shoulder, then place my right hand on you hip then slowly pull your butt back into my crotch. “stockings or tights?” I whisper in your ear, then brush my lips down the side of your neck. “not telling,” you giggle in response, then feel finger stroke down your spine from between your shoulder blades, in no rush, on a mission to answer the question at hand.

Slowly, it passes down, over your waistband, and finally reaches the slit in your skirt as the doors open a floor 4. A second later you feel my hand on the back of your thigh, stroking the tops of your tights When we reach your office, you turn to face me, aware of my broad shoulders. I step forward, and whisper “ready to play?” you smile demurely, and I peck you on both cheeks, then kiss you briefly on the lips. Then I pause and gently turn you round and ask you which is your desk. You point it out, so I lead to it and gently lean you over so that both you palms are resting on the desk. “if you move your hands, you owe me a blow job, OK?” You nod.

Now I get to admire you at leisure. No need to rush. I slowly embrace you from behind, pulling your back into my chest, your butt into my crotch. My right hand strokes your right side and cups your breast, then I bury my face in your hair and briefly kiss your neck. “Lovely. But first, let’s check you told the truth about the stockings. And remember not to move your hands.”

I step back and you gasp briefly with surprise when I place my hands on your knees. “These need to be a little further apart.” You are aroused now, breathing deeply as you move your feet in their 3inch heels apart as directed. I’m holding onto one of you thighs now, squeezing gently, then run one of them up under your skirt and feel the stockings tops.

Instinctively, you reach for the zip of your skirt then catch yourself. You aren’t supposed to move your hands! You shrug and say in a bedroom voice, “Ah, guess it’s a good thing I give great blow jobs” and in a moment the skirt is around your ankles.

I have a huge grin on, and say “Nice. Give a twirl so I can admire the view.” There follows a few moments while I admire your legs in their stockings. “And now back to the desk, por favor.” While you are standing there facing away from me, I unbutton your blouse and help you remove it. Again I pull you towards me, sweep your hair over your right shoulder, and begin to kiss you neck. My right hand cups you right breast again, and I listen to your breathing to learn what you enjoy. Soon, I feel you nipple rise to meet my hand through your bra.

I’ve deliberately not touched your butt or pussy, anywhere near your panties. Time to fix that. My hand moves from your breast down your front, stroking towards your pussy. It takes many seconds on its path. You’ve been waiting for this, wanting this. I told you to play with yourself, but stop half an hour before you expected me, before you could come. You’ve been simmering away since, thinking about release. I stroke your pussy over your white panties, listening to you breathing, matching your breathing, tracing the outline of the damp spot, feeling your pubes. “My you’re wet. Did you cum?” A shake of the head. “Do you want to cum?” You nod. Vigorously.

“Soon, it’s not a race.” my hand rises up your belly, then descends inside your panties. Gently I massage your outer lips then as your inner lips emerge my middle finger starts to trace it’s way from the bottom to the top of your opening,back and forth. By the tenth pass, you’re wondering, does he know where the clit is? Then I prove that I do. “There’s something we’re forgetting,” I say, listening to your gasps. “What?” you say, slightly incoherently. A thirty second pause makes you even hotter. Is there going to be an answer? “Theres the small matter of that blow job. Is this your seat?” You realize I want out to crawl under your own desk to give me head.


Girls in stockings and nylons live on webcam

July 24th, 2014

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